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Jim Yaghi

Traffic Guzzling Monster, Inventor of the Internet
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Sweet Girl Fans,

i came to overhaul this page and make it sound more gangsterly. and i probably will some day. however, this is the very profile bio i grew up on this site with. you can see how lame it was but also why it worked, right?

(the links and everything they lead to probably won't work in 2010).

Enjoy this piece of online marketing history:

Hi, I'm Jim Yaghi, author of
"8 Days to Cashflow in MLM".

Since as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with how things work.

I pried open all my toys and tried to figure them out the day my daddy bought them for me.

I remember looking inside brand new computers BEFORE ever plugging them in.

So it wasn't really much of a surprise that at 6 years old I told mum and dad, "I want to be an Engineer when I grow up."

Then came an obsession with programming and creating little Apple Mac SE/30 applications...Remember those with the black and white 9-inch screen?

Knowing how to do things with computers at 14 that grown-ups couldn't made up for my lack of popularity in school.

But I didn't get a whole lot of social grooming.

That didn't matter, because I was just starting to realise that there was money to be made from their lack of knowledge.


How I was Born Into Internet Marketing

I started marketing on the Internet just two years after "discovering" it.

In secret, while I was supposed to be studying for my high school finals I built an international business from the ground up. At 16 years old, I was offering free and paid membership services you couldn't get anywhere else.

We even sold T-Shirts to site fans. That business took off, dude!

Ah but not for long. Dad soon had me sell it because it was distracting me from school.

I used the money I made to pay for 9 years of university. So it wasn't all bad :)

Having attended postgraduate school, you'll find I'm a bit different from most Home Business and Internet marketers.

I won't be telling you some sad story about dropping out from school and living under a bridge. I've always made smart and profitable decisions. I always worked my butt off.

But it's not my 4 university degrees that gave me the "work-from-home", travel wherever-I-want, Jaguar-driving, beach-bumming, extraordinary lifestyle I enjoy.

No...it was something else, much less...umm "exclusive".

Actually, I was a terrible marketer. I don't even write that well and my dad who's an English professor still gives me a hard time about my spelling! I'm not really fluent on the telephone, I'm ridiculously shy, I hesitate and spend WEEKS slaving over editing out all my mistakes from the tutorial videos I make for you guys.

And I know for a fact I'm the biggest bore when I ramble on about stuff. You're probably already yawning anyway :-(. Joe Vitale suggests in "Hypnotic Writing" that I create a title-break here...


How Network Marketing Stole My PhD

When I got started in Network Marketing in 2006, I dragged a few poor friends of mine in with me. They only came along because they respected me. But I had no clue how to market or sell anything and none of us made any money.

For nearly a year, I burned a hole in my wallet and lost every single cent of my tiny PhD scholarship (it barely covered my Sydney rent anyway.)

I was miserable and broke and I couldn't even afford to eat or go to uni.

But one day, everything changed.

No it wasn't that I decided to stop listening to my upline (although I did), and no it wasn't that I came across some crazy magic system that made me rich over night.

Nothing so theatric actually.

I just made a decision that I will NEVER stop trying until I cracked the code. I needed to BE The Expert on Network Marketing.

Knowing that I couldn't go on like this much longer, I asked myself "What is the most important thing I need right now to make money?"

I needed prospects, people to talk to.

The only way I'd been taught to market my business was by talking to lots of people about it.

But I didn't know many people and had crappy social skills. Making new friends was going to be difficult. There was no choice but to learn the social skills I didn't bother to learn as a child.

Until the age of 25, I thought I could live a fulfilled life with nothing more than a few basic social skills.

I picked up a book called "How To Talk To Anyone" by Leil Lowndes and headed to my favourite cafe strip.

There I spent the time I should have been at university.

I sat for the entire day reading and putting into practice a single thing from the book every day.

Before one month was up, I had made more friends than I had made in my whole life. And they weren't just friends...I had fans, admirers, even stalkers.

By consistently taking one new step of action every day, no matter how small, I moved to the next phase.

Soon after I was reading stacks of books on persuasion, body language, human psychology, and even dating. I attended courses and pushed myself beyond my comfort zone.

Finally, I began to enrol distributors. Sometimes I enrolled as many as 8 distributors in a single week.

There were weeks when I produced over $20,000.00 in sales. But my troubles weren't over just yet.

There is no magic system that will just hand you free leads and customers. Success in business isn't a secret. Whether you're marketing online or offline, your income is controlled simply by how much action you take.

You may have all the knowledge and skills in the world, but without action you'll never make money. So don't kid yourself by thinking that all you need is someone's latest, greatest, marketing system.

If you aren't prepared to make the same decision I did, you should just stick to your dull day-job.


Why I Gave Up My $2,000/week Pay Cheque and Started Again With a $50 Note

The problem was that no one else that I recruited was willing to spend a year losing money. No one was willing to give up their careers to sit in a cafe all day reading books.

Fact is, most people will NEVER make a solid residual income from their Home Business simply because they won't do even simple tasks that they need to do.

I knew I had to create a really simple rejection free and step-by-step solution that ANYONE could use to get unlimited leads and prospects on a tiny budget.

I stopped going to the cafes and spent all my time at home researching how to market on the internet.

The Internet presented an opportunity to get massive duplication. I could reach out to the world as an audience without any barriers. I know if there was a way to become the expert, I had to find it online.

I began by setting my budget to just $50. I used simple 20 word advertisements with very little chance to add creative marketability to the wording.


Because if I could prove that with just $50 and a limited skill set, one could still build up a few hundred dollars a week of income...I would have solved the thorniest problem of every Network Marketer.

In just 8 days, I had cashflow.

But, only when I saw that I was making a solid residual, weekly income did I take these strategies and introduce them to my downline.

I'll admit, very few of them even bothered to try the techniques.

On the other hand, that tiny group of my downline that tried saw their first sale EVER in just 2 days.

People who had never made a cent in any business were strangely profiting in mere days.

And that's when I knew I was onto something.


A Smarter Way To Market and Generate Leads For Your Home Business


Why do you think these techniques worked when everything else had failed before?

Why were we able to give a brand new distributor the ability to walk in ...

And see the results of an expert from the first day?
Lead Traffic Jam - Day 1 (Demo)
Getting a complete generic system to market any business couldn't be easier than this step-by-step tutorial

  • The tasks that a team member had to perform were really simple and had just ONE function.

    The system trained them to advertise properly online (often for free) using very simple methods anyone could master quickly.

    It couldn't be any easier...I showed them exactly where and how to advertise.
  • Turning leads into customers and basically, "selling", wasn't left in incapable hands of beginner-marketers.

    In fact, I captured all of my own experience into an automated software which they all could customise and use to benefit from my old experience.

    Everything I know about persuasion is captured in this software to ensure that I close every prospect in exactly the same way. And who gets the benefit? The beginner...
  • Distributors were confident to approach hundreds of people a day with their "business pitch" since it was a passive advertisement.

    You can't be rejected by someone who's reading or watching an ad. So when the timid distributor writes an ad and issues it online--they only hear from the prospects who are contacting them. Prospects who are already "nodding".
  • Even the laziest of team-mates couldn't complain without looking ridiculous about the 3 minutes a day they needed for maintaining their advertisements.

    Apart from that, these well maintained ads were attracting prospects around the clock without any newbie's supervision.
  • Since the system was making its distributors an income in under 8 days, it became affordable for representative to join the business and to stay in business--forever.

    Even while they were still learning, it continued to trickle profit into their accounts.
  • Because there is no way to hard-sell in passive media like the internet, only the most enthusiastic prospects ever contacted our fragile newbies.

    We only ever spoke with people who were finished selling themselves on us.

    Prospects were over the moon to hear from even the freshest of members.


How To Generate Endless Leads for Network Marketing for Free

I train the leaders of the Network Marketing industry.

I make experts out of average people. Experts who will be training the Networking gurus of tomorrow.

One of the 10s of simple internet advertising methods we're teaching is how to use social networking sites like YouTube and MySpace to find customers who want to buy from you, and people who want to work with you in your business.

But it doesn't stop there.

I teach you how to use Web 2.0 bookmarking sites to force Google to send customers to you completely free.

I'll even show you how to get paid to Blog.

And if you want, I'll give you my secret for getting really popular 3rd party sites and search giants to send you leads and customers, stuff your email full of their messages, and make your phone ring off the hook...

I'll show you the absolute latest cutting edge in leveraged marketing--which is even today bringing me at times 1,000 leads in a single day without costing a cent.

If you'd like to learn for free the things I can teach you, I invite you to drop me a message here, look me up on Skype, or even give me a call:

+61-406-738473 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +61-406-738473      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +61-406-738473      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Also make sure to sign up for my Network Marketing training where I'll teach you the formula to get a "traffic jam" of leads and prospects for your business:

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Funny, smart, rich by Sandeep Nath

This guy has it all! Jim's articles and insights are worth a fortune. For 30 bucks in the 'Inner Circle', they're a steal!

Not What You'd Expect by susan coils

Amazing how someone so ingenius when it comes to PPC and Google can be so understated and totally unaware of just how much influence he has over the 'ordinary' guys lives.

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I saw this on my elementary school door every day:

"He who aims for the sky may only get to the top of the tree.
but he who aims for the top of the tree may never leave the ground."

of course, i paraphrase...but that principle guided my life.

Hey Jim, Just read your article, '10 Things I Hate About Crappy Network Marketers'. I laughed. I cried. Thanks for sharing. Take care.
Thank you Jim for letting me connect with you. I am a new marketer and I look forward to learning from you and the other marketers here. Thanks again.
Hi Jim, Thanks for letting me connect! Just read your article about generating keyword ideas - excellent!! I really appreciate the practical tips in it, especially your mixer tool! Looking forward to staying in touch! To your success Martin
Jim, Hi my name is Travis & I am new to this better networker but I can dig it. I read a comment you wrote under someones artical & seen you are an ACN guy. How do you like that? I am wondering because a lot of my friends in Detroit are in that & I am wondering how I should approch them with my company. www.VMDirect.com/TravisRMorrison Thanks & I look forward to your answer. Travis
Hi Jim, I love your story and I look forward to working with you on a number of projects in the future. You are truly a leader in this community and I hope to learn much from you. William A.
Mr. Yaghi, I had a quick question, What would you recommend be done for an ad to be seen more on Google ADwords? More Keywords or Just Changing the ad itself?
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Kelly Cockerham Http://www.GrowYourCashTree.com
Hello Jim, Pleased to meet you. I anctually found you The Nation Networker via Ray Fong, Possibly we can connect via BN and then via E-mail to compare some marketing Ideas. Our groups is very out of the box, and trully stay away from the crowd with remarkable results. Best wishes always and I look forward to growing our communications. Tom Savas, Dir. Gain Consulting Group, LLC.
You are the man, sir! Most people are telling me to slow down and at least have a little fun because im young. Im like "networking is fun!!! thanks to Mr. Yaghi and Mr. Dilliard! Can't thank you enough sir!" Succeed or Die! Jose Diaz
Hey you're welcome, Jim. Thanks for putting out a course that's all meat and no filler! -Steve
Love you pictures! Good to know you have fun and don't just stare at Google all day. :) I love PPC Domination. Thanks for the great course. Looking forward to DOMINATING! You guys need more WOMEN at those workshops/seminars/events. Thanks again, Kari Baxter www.Take-Charge-Today.com
hey I had to connect after reading your posts, great stuff man
Sometimes it takes a while before we get another persons attention. After seeing you areound the net and in BN the penny has finally dropped and you have my attention. From a fellow Aussie, well done mate. Greg
Hello Excited to join your list of friends..I truly appreciate your time..
Thanks for the Caveman article... I really appreciate the idea of associating my goals with my primary survival needs... makes the goals into needs as opposed to a 'luxury' as you described so well. Darren
You Jim! What's happening? I'm here to give you social proof.... Ok, you're cool now. call me up, buddy! It's been a while we need to talk. -ferny
Hi Jim, It’s Great to be meeting like minded people here on BN! I love this community with so many Great people like you. I am constantly learning and sharing what I’ve learned to help each other along the way. I look forward to chatting with you and sharing tips and ideas. "You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end." - Sidney A. Friedman Wishing you a Life Filled with Joy, Marcello Lisi "Live your Dreams and Enjoy Life"
Hey Jim, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I have been out of town. I have just started implementing MLM Traffic Formula concepts into my business, mostly Pay-Per-Click so far. I am just getting started, and I have some campaignes running that are generating some leads, but my CTR is pretty low. I am using specific company names for my keywords. I also read Perry Marshall's book about AdWords and that was very helpful. Like I said, I am just getting started and any good starting advice that you might have would help.
I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Jeremy and really have enjoyed reading your articles. I keep running into valuable information that you have posted throughout the forums. Thanks for the sage info and I hope that you continue to offer your expertise. Have a good one.
Hey Jim, LOVE reading your articles man. Let's make it a goal to help as many people as we can to become Better Networkers and reach their dreams. To start our new friendship on the right foot, I wanted to give you (actually, anyone can have it)my 114 prospecting manual, "Over 250 Ways to Find New Prospects," FREE. www.FreeProspectingBible.com Nick Hetcher www.NixTheNews.com (Zany Newscasts for Networkers)