Take lavish vacations to exotic places Buy the things I want when I want them Do the things I enjoy day-to-day.

Going Out With Sexy Woman, Having Sex, Golfing, Travel, Vacationing, Taking Care Of Woman, Fishing, Swimming In The Ocean And Much Much More.

Favorite Authors:
Mike Dillard, Joel Therien, Russell Brunson, Mike Call, Elite Marketing Pro, Melvin Little & Joseph Dorelus.

Favorite Quotes:
This Time You Can Believe It! If Making BIG Money is Your #1 Reason for Starting a Home-Based Business you're going to love Working With me.

Joseph Dorelus

National Sales Director
Primary Company:  GVO Hosting
Company 2:  Momentis
Company 3:  Ignite
Other Company:  PureLeverage
Industry:  Computers
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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My Name Is Joseph Dorelus Owner Of JMDMarketing Systems.
I Have Been Helping Individuals And Families Earn Money From Home For Over 4 Years
If Making Big Money Is Your # 1 Reason For Starting A Home-Based Business, You Are Going To Love Working With Our Pay Plan That Can Put Money In Your Pocket Fast.

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My Location:  Houston, Texas
United States

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