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I am interested in History. I like to read diaries of people that have had an impact on the US and shaped our country. Nautical history is a favorite of mine as well as Pyrates! The real ones not Hollywood's version.

Being involved in helping others see their potential and reaching their dreams and goals.

Favorite Authors:
Aaron Smith "Atrocities of the Pyrates" a diary of a pressed pirate. Howard Blackburn - "Lone Voyager" biography of an over comer. Richard Zacks - "Pirate Coast" Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates. Norman Vincent Peale - "The Power of Positive Thinking". Og Mandino - Complete works. John Maxwell - Leadership Series. Ian Toll - "Six Frigates" how the US Navy was founded. John Toohey - "Captain Bligh's Diary" His account of the days before and after the mutiny of the Bounty

Favorite Quotes:
"It matters not how distant your horizon is. It's always moving towards it that sets you apart". Anon. "I have not yet begun to fight". Captain John Paul Jones as his ship was sinking.

John Dempsey

Internet Marketer
Primary Company:  Global Domains International, Inc
Company 2:  TrafficWave.net LLC
Company 3:  Primerica Financial Services
Industry:  Financial Services
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I am an internet entrepreneur and have had several business in the past. Since the mid 1990's I have understood the power of the internet and how it can create opportunity and wealth for those that are willing to work hard and learn how to make the internet work for them.

I started my working life like most people. You know, work hard for a "good" company and they will take care of you until you retire. HA! I worked 12 years for a state owned transit company and watched how they rewarded a loyal employee with 50 years of service. Nope No Gold Watch! Nope No Big Dinner Party for his Family and Co-Workers! No instead on the afternoon of his last day they had the janitor sweep off one of the bus hoists, lay a sheet of plywood on it, blow the break whistle and invited his wife and daughter in to have coffee and cake on the hoist!!

I knew then that I had to find a better way to make a living for my family. I opened a Photography Studio and did quite well for a number of years. I then moved to Georgia and started all over again working for a company but, still wanting more.

In 1993 I joined a MLM and saw that there was a lot of money to be made. I heard about this Internet Thing and how it was going to "Change the World". And Did It!! At the time I just knew that "if only" had a new meaning. Now today with A Better Networker and others my dreams are becoming real.

I have my own site and business that I promote and several other opportunities as well. Multiple strings of income are now a reality instead of a wish. Now the sky is the limit and no end i sight.

I hope that this little bit of me will encourage you to follow a dream and please feel free to connect to me any time.

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