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I'm a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota and have been involved with network marketing for over 25 years. I love meeting and talking with new people from all over the US. Over the years I've experianced many good companies, comp plans, products, and services. Then on the other hand I've had some let downs with some companies, comp plans, products and services! I'm a firm believer in the saying "Everything happens for a reason" and I am very happy I can say "I've found a home" with a network marketing company! I found a company in May of 2008 that has been flying under the radar that is 4 years old and has a $1.2 Billion dollar partner with international offices and warehouses. The best thing is hardy anyone has ever hear of it and the products work, they gave me a "FREE" black BMW, weekly pay, training like I've never seen anywhere, two of my son's have "FREE" black BMW's, and it is about to explode! How about a Facebook or You Tube with a pay check? Where do you want to play? In the old school Amway's with tens of thousands of prospects or the Facebooks, My Spaces and You Tubes with hundreds of millions of prospects? The choice is clear..... Join us today! Life, Health,and Prosperty. Visalus will be the next Billion dollar giant. Check it out!  If you would like to drive a "FREE" black BMW, feel and look better, and have a real full time residual income quickly, let's get started! We have the proven system to get YOU to reach your dreams and goals quickly. We will see you at the top or from the top! It's your decision. My best to everyone. May God bless you and our country forever! John Hill. 

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My Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

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Thanks for the friend request. I hope we stay in touch. Angel
Hey John, Thank you for adding me on your list..for this friendship please allow me to say this, nothing is impossible everything is possible in bizz... Goood luck and all the best to you John. Regards; Norhayati [email protected]
Hi John,Thank you for adding me as a friend,I have A sister in Minniapolis.Debbie Forsythe
Comment by jrhill
I have a Forsythe brother-in-law from Mpls now living in Colorado! Thanks JH
Hien Tao wrote
Hello John Thanks for adding me as your friend, good luck for you!
Comment by jrhill
Thank you! I would really like to visit your country someday. It looks beautiful! Thanks JH.
Great to meet you Paul..Network Marketing is AWESOME! I love this job! Tony Beach
Hi John, thanks for requesting me! I'm new to BetterNetwork and I'm looking forward to networking with you! Check out my profile to see what I do! Take care, Deanna
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Hi John, thanks for the add and looking forward in connecting with you. Have a great day!
John, Thanks for connecting. Seems like a pretty exciting site. My sister lives in MN, New Plymouth, and loves it. A little chilly for my taste! Have you heard of Scentsy yet? It's the new company sweeping the nation, even MN! :) Check it out; you'll love it! Buy, host, join. Great company, great product.
Thanks for the invite John and well done on your success and hope it grows for you p.s you might want to go in your profile and allow PM's :) keep it simple Dave
Hi John, Thank you for connecting with me! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Christina Guerrero-HSA Team Leader (my email: [email protected] ) $ Providing 3% Funds & Training to Real Estate Investors & Home Business Owners for Highly Profitable Real Estate Deals!
Hi John... I'm getting the hang of BetterNetworker...this is an awesome site. Let's talk this week...things are getting exciting...:) ~Connie
Eddie _ wrote
Thanks for the connection JOhn. Best of luck! -Eddie
Hi, Thanks for the welcome, this space has really been very exciting. I am interested in sharing power with the Spanish-speaking world the great knowledge that we are here in this network. I think this kind of business to help build a global community.
hi how r u. and thanks for send me a request assssssss a friend
hi how r u. and thanks send me a request assssssss a friend
Hi John, Thanks for inviting me as a friend, love the car and you obviously have a lot to offer the community. i look forward to networking with you. Leigh
Did you sign up for chat to text yet? If not, check out this link.
Comment by jrhill
Thanks for the info on the chat! I haven't found a whole lot of time to chat yet. I will check it out soon. Chat with you so. JH
Thank you James for adding me to your personal network. When God created us He gave us a purpose. It's great to see that you are living yours. I have to say I enjoy being in a personal development business that it is not MLM opportunity. Clients pay me - I get to keep 100% of the profit and make a passive income at the same time. Abundant prosperity to You! Josephine
Johnny rock on bro 2009 going to be a dandy!!
Comment by jrhill
Steve I think 2009 can be the best year of everyone's life! It's time to put it in high gear and don't look back. Thanks, JH