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I love travel, horses, and movies. My main love during the Season is NRL footy. I love my North Queensland Cowboys.

I like to spend most of my time with Family. I am actively persuing my business, because my family deserve freedom. Unlike my peers from home, I guess are happy with their little lives, I desire to have more. So, my Family's Freedom is worth the fight of my life, and therefore giving them the best deal ever.

Favorite Authors:
Florence Littauer, Napolean Hill, and Norman Vincent Peale, and Robert Schueller.

Favorite Quotes:
There is no replacement for the knowledge gained from experience. (Life is about experiences)

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Julie Rodgers

Primary Company:  Herbalife International of America, Inc.
Other Company:  Jim and Julies Shop
Industry:  Health Care
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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I am a very happily married Mum of 2. I have been involved in Network Marketing for a few years with a little bit of growth. Until recently I was involved in what used to be the "original and the Best", becoming frustrated with the hard work involved and the lack of monetary reward for your loyalty. After being chipped away at for a while by our Online mentors, we decided it was time to give this stuff a go.

I went to Proserpine State High School, nestled among the Canefields of North Queensland, Australia. Great little school. However, after a recent reunion, the reality is that because of the Networking businesses I have been involved with have grown out of the town I grew up in. The same people live there, doing the same deadend jobs, earning the same deadend money, getting greyer, and nothing really changing. Just becoming "set in their ways" and having no desire to venture out of their little town.

Being a Mum, of 2 daughters, one with learning disabilities, I have been on a constant venture to find a solution for her education, still not being able to read and write. My youngest daughter has all the signs of Altheticism and learning capabilities, built into her genes. Therefore giving her the opportunities to go to the better schools, and any sport she chooses to pursue.

My simple DREAM is to purchase a Winnebago RV, and with my Husband, and girls, "go around Australia" for 12 months. Just explore, and enjoy life. Life is much too short to be wasting time in Medocrity.

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My Location:  Townsville, Queensland

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