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Seriously...Why pay monthly for cable and movies?
Company:  http://www.satellite-direct-tvtoday.com
Industry:  Telecommunications
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hello fellow networkers. My name is Karen Anderson and I am very delighted to join the Betternetworker community.

A bit about myself, I am married to my wonderful husband Steven and we are blessed with 2 beautiful girls Amy and Meghan. They are both adorable and I love them so much. They are in high school, while Steven and I now work from home as seasoned internet marketers.

I enjoy the simple things in life with my family... cooking, dinners, movies, camping, skiing and travels. My areas of interest include spirituality, health & fitness, business, entertainment, and technology.

My intent on this network is to develop positive and constructive connections with everyone.

Prior to my internet marketing life, I have worked in several regional customer service departments at major telecom (cable and phone) companies across the east coast and I enjoyed every bit of the experience as well as accomplishments. However we all know those are shrinking industries given the several waves of mergers and acquisitions that occured over the last several years. I believe the consolidation trend will continue as communication media and content keeps getting commoditized.

Think about it... Everything is rapidly moving online for much better value and these companies will keep scrambling to survive. Simply remember the latest "phone company" vs. "cable company" commercial on T.V.... my point exactly!

Which is why I have partnered with some innovative online content providers and I'm spreading the word about real value. Stop by my sites. I think you'll find the deals there compelling.

I'm still a sucker for technology and I love being involved in the telecom industry. That's been my life. Watch out for my posts as my goal is to keep folks updated on the latest technology trends that will practically make life a whole lot easier. Thank you in advance for the connection and for stopping by my sites.

Best wishes and remain blessed


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My Location:  Long Island, New York
United States

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Hi Karen, thank you for connecting with me. Cheers Adel
Hi Karen, thank you for connecting, Rhonda
Hi David,Thanks for your friendship add...I'm looking forward to getting to know you and exchange valuable information and cool Ideas to help each other grow. Keep Shining and talk soon! Loetta Paulsen 425.760.7421 http://LoettaPaulsen.com
Hi Karen, thanks for the friend request. Look forward to learning from you.
Hi Karen, thanks for the friend request. I look forward to networking with you and learning more about what you do. Have an awesome 2010!!!
Hi Karen, thanks for my connecting. Lovely day and best greeting from heart of Europe. Vladimír :-)
Hi Karen nice to meet you. Thanks for the friend request,look forward to networking with you.I wish you the best.
Hi Karen. Thanks for the Friend request. I look forward to your posts! --Margi
Hi Karen, thanks for the friend request. I am into similar things as you are being a lover of nature, into spirituality, health and wellness and cooking and family. Looking forward to connecting and sharing with you.
Hi Karen, It's good to connect with you. I wish you the best, Tyson
Hi Karen, Thanks for the friend request. Best of luck to you in 2010.
Hey Karen. Great to hook up w/ya here on B/N....Always good to meet a fellow Long Islander :) Be well and hope to chat soon Joe
Hey Karen, thanks for the ad. Looking forward to a prosperous 2010 in business and life :)
Thanks for the add Karen, Steve, Amy & Meghan. Glad to have you on board at the Betternetworker Community! Happy 2010! Kevin
Hi Karen, Thanks for your friend request. I've been using this niche finder tool http://micronichefinder.mlmmarketingleadspro.com to research niches to make money online and it looks like you selected a couple of winners. I look forward to connecting. David
Thanks Karen for the friend request. Looking forward to developing a relationship with you. We hare an internet distribution business. We have had it for 2 years and really are amazed at the freedom and flexibility it has offered to us. God bless you.
Hi Karen! Thanks for the friend request. How are you and your family? Drop by and say "hi" anytime. Take care! Katherine
Hi Karen, thanks for the friend request. I look forward to networking with you and reading your posts.
Wishing you the very best in 2010.