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I am an avid reader and I really enjoy cooking, when I lived in Chicago I was chef/caterer for a while.

I like riding my bike while the weather is still nice her in Texas, I also enjoy working out.

Favorite Authors:
Jesus Christ through the Bible was the first Masterpiece, Edgar Allan Poe- The Tell Tale Heart and The Raven, Henrietta Green-A Glorious Harvest, Rick Warren-The Purpose Driven Life just to name a few

Favorite Quotes:
"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe." -- Saint Augustine

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Keith Garrick

Internet and Network Marketer
Primary Company:  MyLeadSystemPRO
Other Company:  The Garrick Group
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Brand New Business (0-1 years)

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With these incomparable hardships now was the time for me to become passionate about regaining control of your own Financial Potential. For years I struggled with finding myself and my role in this world. Going from Job to Job looking for an answer was just the beginning to my story, I sought a conventional 9 to5 not realizing that my life, story and goals were a characteristics in itself.
I had to find another way to produce my own Income. So I researched Network Marketing and learned how to generate a business through the Internet. The first thing I had to learn was that to become a successful internet entrepreneur I needed to increase Certain Marketing Skills.
As an Internet and Network Marketing Consultant, I've learned the value behind "my Character Marketing" and the concept of branding and marketing yourself to generate business. My goal is to give power to the individual to become online marketing success stories and enjoy a lucrative income doing what they love. While being able to have more time for family, fun, and LIFE!
Now is the time to apply those skills, you need to know, to be successful in your Own Home Based Business. People are continuously searching for products or services online and if your business is not making use of the online business module approach, then you really need to find a professional company who is an authority in this field as you need to start without delay.

Keith blogged about: Why Do Most Network Marketers Fail? 5 years ago
Keith blogged about: Why Aren’t You Branding? 5 years ago
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