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"If at first you don't succeed, you're about average" "Don't go where the path my lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail"

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Kevin Thomas is a traditional business entrepreneur who has owned and operated a building maintenance franchise for over 20 years. After finishing college and a 3 year tour in the United States Army Kevin decided that corporate America was not for him. It was at this point that his entrepreneurial journey began. With nothing more than a dream and stubbornness to succeeded he took it upon himself to figure out how to run a traditional bricks and mortar business, and after many tough years of trail and error his dream soon become a reality.If you'd like to learn more about how you can start your own network marketing, MLM, or home based business on the internet fell free to contact me.

Areas of Strength & Interest

  • Relationship building and social skills
  • Business and financial knowledge
  • Internet web building strategies
  • Inspiration and motivational tips
  • Internet network marketing and MLM
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Hello Kevin thanks for connecting here. I enjoy reading your content and look forward to learning with you. Jenn
David Lok wrote
Hello hello! Thanks for connecting with me. Over the weekend, I had some downtime and write a song on network marketing with the Blame It melody. (To be honest, I wrote the song a while back and made the video yesterday without knowing that today is the most depressing day of the year, haha) Many marketers find all kinds of reasons why they’re failing in their business. This is my message to them… P.S. Pardon my raspy voice. I know I’m a terrible singer.
Hi Kevin, Thank for the friend invite. This is a great place for like minded people to network. Looking forward to seeing you arond the community. Sekhar Gurugubelli
Hey Kevin, thanks for your connection invitation. You did a great job with your web site. It looks great! Have a blessed New Year! David
Comment by kevin9
Thanks David, You have a blessed year as well my friend
Hey Buddy, Thanks for joining me on this adventure of life!
Comment by kevin9
Thanks for stopping by Tyson, looking forward to seeing you around the community
Hi Kevin, thanks for connecting. Looking forward to your input on the commnunity. Stephane
I'm just dropping by on my friends to see how they are doing, how are you doing? and business? I am adding my friends on betternetworker to my list on facebook so i can follow their upbuilding updates since we have similar interest Please add me as friend on facebook
Hey Kevin, thanks for the friend request... I hope your weekend is good.. and I look forward to hearing your thoughts... Your new friend -Neil p.s. What kind of fishing are you into? I was just out on the lake all summer long.. good eats!
Comment by kevin9
Hi Niel not to much of a fisherman, but I love seafood! Red snapper being one of my favorites do you do any winter fishing?
Hey Kevin, thank you so much for connecting here on BN! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and the rest of the community here :)
Kevin, thank you for the add! Abundance & Peace! BERNIE FLORESCA
T Beck wrote
Hi Kevin, thanks for connecting with me! hope to talk to you some more, cheers Tracey
Hey Kevin, Thanks for connecting with me here at BetterNetworker! I'm sure we can learn a great deal from one aonther. Hit me up anytime. -Adam
Hello Kevin: Thanks for accepting my friend request on Better Networker. You are wearing a nice sporting jacket. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Sincerely Lawrence Bergfeld
Hi there, Thanks for the add and I look forward to collaborating, learning and growing with you. Have a safe and happy holidays! Later, Temitayo (Tim) Osinubi
Hi Kevin, Just want to say how happy I am to have connected with you. Your friend for life David Atkinson
So someone commits a "what not to do" boo-boo on your guest book by posting a link to what NOT TO DO! Hhhhhhhmmmm? lololololol. I wasn't expecting that this morning when I stopped by to say kudos on a very thoughtful post you made to day. How was your holiday? Malika
Hi Kevin, Just want to say hello! - Now I was at your profile! It’s always great to be meeting like minded people! Every People - I think - Can always help each other with something. Maybe a big thing, or a small thing, maybe only a kind word. Søren Egstrup What NOT to do in MLM
Hi Kevin, Welcome to the community. You will be able to share ideas with many like minded people here. Contact me if i can be of help. LIVE YOUR DREAMS...Ans in so doing help others live theirs. From The Heart
Kevin, It was great talking the talk with you yesterday. You're the real deal, man. I look forward to moving forward, onward and upward with you in our tribe. Rock Steady, Eric Walker
Hey hey Hey Kevin Just a quick Hello. Your Friend for Life Juanita Waterman