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Kim Steadman

COOP - Chief Online Operating Person =)
Primary Company:  Scent-Sations, Inc.
Other Company:  The ReFeathered Nest
Industry:  Coach
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Howdy, I'm Kim Steadman! I live in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex area. I'm surrounded by all the good things about the Metroplex.  Shopping, Museums, Activities, Parks, Sports, Airports - all within an easy drive.  I've enjoyed living in this area my entire life. We live on the outskirts in the 'burbs, so we do get to enjoy a little more peace and quiet. Our road is less traveled. Every morning I enjoy watching the cottontail rabbits hop around. We are visited by wildlife such as coyotes, bobcats, opossums, and skunks.


Like most of you, I too am always looking for the “gold at the end of the rainbow”.  I grew up in a normal household where my dad went to work every day and mother was a stay at home mom.  My husband and I were even able to do that when we had our child.  I only began working part time when he was 10.  It was not until after my husband retired from the 9-1-1 business that I went to work full time so the income could be used to put our son through college (Gig’Em Aggies!).  I’ve been involved in Network Marketing off and on with several companies, but it was usually just so I could get their wonderful product at a reduced price. Now my Network Marketing business has a new meaning – to be MY retirement and provide income for the FUN things!

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My Location:  Grand Prairie, Texas
United States

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Hi Kim, nice to meet you and thanks for introducing yourself in your bio. Love the straight forward manner in which you write. Cheers for now, Peter :)
Hi, I am really impressed with your profile and what you are doing. I am not sure if I am doing this properly, but I have had some great success with my current program and I have been able to generate a consistent income in the past 2 months. If you take a look on my profile you will see the program that has literally set me and my familiy Free. I hope that we might be able to Network our Opportunities Together in the Future here. I Really Beleive that We are Meant to Work Together. Diane Titlowe
Hello Kim, I really appreciate your about me write up... Great!!! Thank you for sharing and allowing us to become friends. We look forward to getting to know you... Have a Great Day... Danny & Laura "SOME people want to complain, beat themselves up and blame their failures on themselves. But MOST people that download and read "Success n 10 Steps" learn WHY their lack of success is NOT their fault!"
Hi Kim, Thank you for accepting my friend request. Each friend represents a world within us, and it’s only by this meeting that a new world is born. This is such a great community with so many fabulous people like you. I look forward to sharing tips and ideas to help each other out along the way. Wishing You a Life Filled with Joy and Happiness, Wendell Breedlove