been a long time lol - What's with the list of companies? Came to update my profile, and it's crazy how many MLM's are no longer in business via BetterNetworker


Meeting & Developing Leaders in this industry, Providing resources to help "My business partners" succeed, using offline and online tools that will aid them in the mission of building and expanding this NEW Opportunity that I'm now apart of. I'm interested in meeting You!

I'm a certified Web Designer with a background in Network/Internet Marketing; Going on 10 years of Experience in this feild; If you need a Good Business, take a look at mine; If you need a web design or a system created for Your business, let's talk - serious inquires only though - I'm affordable, but not cheap.

Favorite Authors:
John Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert G. Allen, Deepak Chopra, Florence Scoval Shinn

Favorite Quotes:
"You can never say the right thing to the wrong person. Likewise, you can never say the wrong thing to the Right person."

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al king

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Primary Company:  Solavei, LLC
Company 2:  MCA Motor Club of America
Other Company:  TopNetworkersGroup
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Sorry, I have not updated this profile in a Long time.

SO let's bring you up to speed.

I started TopNetworkersGroup 2 years ago; I got tired of the nonsense that goes on in network marketing; Uplines that think they are your boss; backstabbers who steal your downlines and jump to new companies with your best people... Owners Selling out and Closing down, eliminating their comp plans, and my income ... often, overnight and without any input from me!

Have YOU been through any of this? I joined MLM in 1999 - I've been there and seen it all...

SO I wanted to start a MOVEMENT to help networkers really make money; but HOW could I bring us all together???

This is my solution.

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Thanks for Connecting Al! Looking forward to your sharing and posts! Mia
Comment by kingsteamceo
hey Mia, you've got it - would LOVE To discuss some of these wonderful topics with you; check my posts out in the FORUM on here
Hey Al, How have you been? I look forward to chatting with you here on BetterNetworker!! There is free marketing 101 page on my website listed on my profile that you may find useful. It is an over view of common marketing strategies used today in marketing. Please feel free to pick my brain anytime for marketing ideas as well. I will be adding a SEO & SEM page very soon! I have developed optimized websites and PPC campaigns that generate targeted hits as low as $0.05 CPC from people all over the world who are specifically looking for home business opportunities! Your BN friend, Cliff Covill. Here is a pretty cool personalized & animated video I thought you might find entertaining. Miss out on the “.COM Race?” Then get ready for the ride of your life… Completely FREE to try!!
Thank you for offering you friendship - I hope we can both make much of it. I am usually happy to discuss business and if you need some assistance with areas I am expert in please don't hesitate to ask. Your friend [url][/url]
Hi Al, Thanks for becoming by “friend” and “Welcome to BetterNetworker”... an amazing resource for anyone considering MLM as a means to attaining their life goals. I'm really looking forward to studying your biography, viewing your pictures and being your friend. It's neat to get to know people through this website. I have been both surprised and touched by the level of caring, concern, and assistance I have received. It's my "mission" to give all that back to others on the site. If you want, I would be very happy to work with you as you move along the MLM Success Path. (I assume you are in Network Marketing.) I have been in the industry for about 35 years; it has been a definite learning experience, although I think I must be a slow learner. Truthfully, I have learned MORE in the last little while, working with some of the people on this site, than I did in the whole previous 3.5 decades! Listen, Al, no matter how our personal connection works out on BetterNetworker, I want you to know I'm just here to help you... as you need or want. Not that I am a guru, or anything, but I do have quite a mastermind group so I have access to anything you may want to know and of course, everything I have is free. Most people are quite excited to discover the free information and mentoring I can guide you to... but some aren't. Are you concerned that you will be inundated with "offers" and "opportunities"? That could be! HOWEVER, rest assured that I will NEVER hustle you to join with me in my business. If you have any questions you want to ask, or have some ideas you want to bounce off me, go ahead and contact me. It's best to do that through Private Messages. If you’re unsure how to do that, then visit me, request help, and I’ll send you my free MLM ebook,“6 Blockbuster Action Steps to Capitalize on…In Just 3 Days” which tells (among other things) you how to use the Private Message capability of BN. What do you enjoy doing for fun when you have free time Al? Have you done a lot of travelling? Have you got some amazing pictures of California? I’ve been to California a dozen times. The last time was March 2009 in San Diego. I keep wondering why I left and came back to the land of snow and ice! Why not come visit my profile and take a peek at my new grandson! And do send me a message, because I have some information you just might need... OK? I have some excellent links that have information on what to do and what not to do in a home business. Help yourself Al! If you get a chance, read some of my articles; there is some valuable info there, and you will get to know me better! Make sure you update me on whatever you contribute, as well, please. Warmest regards, Garry Worger My 2 cents worth... (+1) 403 604 8407 p.s. Thanks again for accepting my “friend” request.
Hi Al, Thanks for adding me to your contacts. I am the president of a small marketing firm that provides website development & marketing to small and medium size local companies. If you would like to share marketing ideas or have a need for our services don’t hesitate to contact. Once again welcome to My Network at Betternetworker. Please accept an invitation to join My Crowd at TheBar. It is a free marketing offer we have found and are promoting on the side. It is growing quick with over a million new member requests per month. You should join now before your friends do. Be the first to tell them about it and make money for doing so! It’s 100% FREE for you and your friends to join. Watch the video and click Get the Bar for more info. You will never be asked for any money at any time. Nor will they ask you for personal information until you put in for a request of funds. Have a Great Day, Cliff Covill CNA Global Enterprises, LLC Website Development & Marketing Expert [email protected]
Comment by kingsteamceo
I'm a Big Fan of Paid2surfs' -- However .. EVERY Single one I've tried has gone under.
Hello, Al! No, I dont think I know you considering I've only been living here in CA for a few months, unless you've been to the ER for any reason (hope not!). Nice to see you here on BN! Kesha
Ed Adams wrote
Welcome to Betternetworker Al , I have found a new passion here on BN. I have Twitter, Direct Matches, Facebook and other social marketing sites but this is where things are happening. You will get an idea about what I have done. If you take a look at my profile, you can see in my pictures some of the sites I have been to these past few years. Walt Disney mimicked the blue castle (Burg Elles). It is one of four castles that never had to be constructed in Germany. The Church is where Jesus rope is and brought out every ten years for cleaning. My goal is to help others in ways I wish I had when I got started. P.S. Did you know you could change you profile to accept private messages?
Jessica M wrote
Hey Al, Thanks for the request. Jessica CLICK if you are a TOP NETWORKER!
I love ga, I'm from columbus myself which is a great town, big enough to keep you entertained, small enough to run into people you know everywhere! I have tons of family in Atlanta so I go up there a lot but I wouldn't want to live there. The traffic is horrible :)
Hello Al, Paul Murphy here from NW Arkansas, thanks for adding me as your friend here on BNW! I've been busy the last 6 months, making contacts and friends here, building relationships, and expanding my web of influence all over the world! Please feel free to get to know me alittle better, take a look at my profile, and photo gallery, if any of my content catches your eyes, I invite you to leave me your honest feedback. There are links to free education on what works, and what doesn't work in building a successful home based business. A tip for you here, go into your account settings and activate your private message options, so you can communicate with the brilliant minds here on BNW Al! To your Success and Prosperity, Paul
Hi Al, Welcome to BN! Its a pleasure to meet you, thanks for adding me as a friend. I'm sure you will love it here as everyone is very friendly and quick to share what they know. I hope we can keep in touch. Take Care, Angel
Hello Al, It's great to have you here on BN. Welcome! I appreciate you accepting my friend request and I look forward to getting to know you better. I know you will love this community of brilliant networkers. See you around! Lynn Jones
Comment by kingsteamceo
Hey Lynn, thanks for that wonderful Welcome; I'm loving it so far - a real nice community with LOTS of networkers :)