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Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill

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Kit Elliott

Onwards and Upwards
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Hi there. My name is Kit Elliott, and I created this site for people who wanna hang out and talk about marketing and making money through network marketing, viral marketing, and affiliate marketing marketing. When I get together with an idea person and we bounce ideas up and up and up and up; it's amazing how one idea can become viral with just an arrow on a dry eraser board. And then, just when you think you've hit a winner - you add a viral list building component that multiplies your list by 1,000. And then, when you release it to the world - you realize you've created a weird 3-up program that is illegal in 30 states.. (not that it has ever gotten that far!!!)


If you see something funny, laugh with me.

If you see something offensive, laugh at me.

Because my attempt to be funny fell hard! AND IT HAPPENS ALOT.. the ole' foot in the mouth syndrom.. the "that sounded funny in my head"..

I am building a team with a network marketing company (who has a policy where you can't mention their name in your marketing - so let's say that's it's an innovative use your imagination.. I'll let you guess.. well maybe you should email me at [email protected] - if you might be interested in joining my team) *i'll have the sarcasm with a glass of Pinot Grigio*

I believe that more leaders and more teachers should stand up and help their downlines grow their downlines. Afterall, isn’t that part of the “income”. You make more when your downline makes more? Wouldn’t it make more cents if your downline actually did something? Maybe they need training.. Maybe they need a swift kick in the butt.. or Maybe they need guidance.. help… support.. LIFE!

Here’s what I teach and preach:

Old School Techniques STILL Work.. You remember the old school network marketing tactics: Hotel Meetings, Phone Calls, Postcards, Letters, Network Events, Door to Door..

Most online network marketers are telling you to RUN from Old School Techniques.. I say INFUSE them with NEW School Techniques. Hotel Meetings are Now Online Webinars.. Phone Calls are Now Online Teleseminars.. Postcards are Now Video Messages, Letters are Now Automated Email Messages.. Networking Events are Now Online Telesummits..

And door to door didn’t even work for Old School! :0)

That’s my purpose and passion. You will see me TRANSFUSE Old School with New School to build a better, strong network. BUT with MLM Companies that offer online services, some of the “old school” ways of building a network still work like magic. I was standing in line buying the new iPhone, and the guy at the counter was a Spanish guy in his mid 40′s. He had been in the steel industry moving steel from Mexico to the USA. (all this in a 8 minute checkout procedure!). He’s always on the lookout for new business opportunities that work. I said – you know I’m in something that is really fun.. I explained it and said, “HEY! Why don’t I send you a card.. and you’ll get it in the mail!!” He gave me his business card.. I mailed him the prospect card that I created, and voila’, he signed up.

The ole’ meet n greet and swap the business card technique WORKS like a charm.. (make it a habit and infuse it with your recruiting techniques)
Who is Kit Elliott?
If I had to describe myself using a few words, I would say:

  1. Silly
  2. Caring
  3. Kind
  4. Funny
  5. Handsome
  6. Big Feet (11 1/2″)
  7. Sports Fanatic
  8. Independent (but don’t talk politics)
  9. Persistent
  10. Consistent
  11. Wine Drinking
  12. Classy (with my flippy floppies)
  13. Successful
  14. Wise
  15. Marketer
  16. Blogger
  17. Clever
  18. Logical
  19. Articulate
  20. Stubborn
  21. Tolerant
  22. Blunt
  23. Conforming
  24. Patient
  25. Gregarious
  26. Frank
  27. Sociable
  28. Desirous
  29. Incoherent (LOL)
  30. Inventive
  31. Indiscriminate
  32. Careful
  33. Careless
  34. Creative
  35. Easy Going
  36. Perverted (giggity, giggity)
  37. Observant
  38. Inquisitive
  39. Internal Struggle
  40. Compassionate
  41. Dominant
  42. Selfless
  43. Selfish
  44. Giving
  45. Sarcastic
  46. Hungry
  47. Questioning
  48. Open Minded
  49. Fair
  50. Honest
  51. Brave
  52. Elated
  53. Cooperative
  54. Capable
  55. Energetic
  56. Entertaining
  57. Enthusiastic (Three E’s – TURKEY!)
  58. Kind-Hearted
  59. Knowledgeable
  60. Likeable
  61. Unprofessional Singer (and Untrained!)
  62. Gentle
  63. Excellent
  64. Helpful
  65. Happy
  66. Immature
  67. Productive
  68. Protective
  69. Receptive
  70. Reflective
  71. Responsible
  72. Usual
  73. Sincere
  74. Splendid (and I use it!)
  75. Tough
  76. Smiling
  77. Thoughtful
  78. Giving
  79. Sensitive (so go easy on me!)
  80. Trustworthy
  81. Talented
  82. Selective (No Whining Allowed!)
  83. 1/2 Irish (Slainte!)
  84. 1/2 English (Me Dad Won)
  85. Emotional (tears streaming)
  86. Down-to-Earth
  87. Teacher
  88. Rugger
  89. Flirtatious
  90. Dependable
  91. Athletic
  92. Curious
  93. Understanding
  94. Flexible
  95. Fun
  96. Achieving
  97. Sponsor
  98. Rapper (Gangsta!)
  99. Recruiter

#100 – I will leave to you. As you get to know me, please leave your comment so we can come up with #100 to describe Kit Elliott.

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My Location:  Dallas, Texas
United States

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Hey Kit, Thanks again for adding me as your friend here on BN! I look forward to networking with you!! Miss out on the “.COM Race?” Then get ready for the ride of your life… Completely FREE to try!! Cliff