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Senior Consultant with WorldVentures

Former Executive Director and National Trainer with BeautiControl. Built a team of 700 consultants in 3 years, across 15 states and became first executive director from the state of NJ in the 25 year history of BeautiControl. Earned a brand new Mustang Convertible & exotic trips all over the world. A great experience and my first network marketing venture.

Unfortunately, large inventory requirements and excessive monthly quotas, combined with more attractive opportunities in the market, led to my resigning in 2007 and starting a new business at WorldVentures. Ready to take things to whole new level.

I love this industry and have made so many great friends over the years, and some nice income also. I've also had the good fortune to meet & be mentored by several serious and experienced million-dollar earners.

One of the best pieces of advice I've ever gotten was from an upline leader, Dave Watson, who says, "some will, some won't, so what." That is a statement I tell myself everyday...and it helps keep your eye on your goals.

I've also had the honor and privilege to mentor and coach many great people too, this is the greatest reward of them all. Four ladies in my downline all earned brand new Mustang Convertibles, and to see their faces and hear their sense of accomplishment, was a truly priceless experience.

Always keep learning and always stay coachable, no matter how successful you think you are. He/she who gets the most "nos" wins (whether offline or online), so go out today and get yourself 5 nos!

All my best to your success,





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Hi Lisa, Welcome to "Better Networker" a really great place for internet marketers to exchange ideas with like minded people. This is a great site to meet great people such as your self. I am looking forward to discussing thoughts and ideas with you. “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”. Thomas Jefferson From The Heart Elwood Mentoring For Free http://mlmdoctor.INFO
Hello Excited to join your list of friends..I truly appreciate your time..
Hello Lisa, Welcome to the group! Its a pleasure to meet you here…… I am brand new to BetterNetworkers as well. I have made some wonderful friendships and its amazing how much we can learn from each other! I am here for you! I have sought out BetterNetworkers to develope life-long relationships with other networkers to exchange info that will help each of us to achieve all that we are called to achieve. If there were one nugget I could offer to each of you, it would be a FREE e-book that totally changed my life! Just click on the link and its yours for FREE! Enjoy! Your new friend, Cyrilla Wall (507) 227-2288 Call Anytime!
Hello Lisa, Welcome to Betternetworkers. I am truly honored to have this opportunity to connect with you. This is a great place to meet and interact with some of the most amazing business minded people online. We all have different ideas and we can share them here. "Life Is Not About Waiting For The Storm To Pass, It is About Dancing In The Rain" Carolyn Peden May Your Blessing In Life Be Many!
Ed Carr wrote
Hello and welcome to Better Networker. I am excited to see people succeed beyond their widest dreams. Please plug in and let us know how we can help you grow here in this community. Have a blessed day! I hope we can talk soon! Are you mortgage free? Would you like to know how to be? Give me 20 minutes of your time now and see how this is possible for you! Ed Carr Financial Consultant United First Independent Agent #889786 PO Box 175 (US Mail Only) Moyock, NC 27958 Off: (757) 880-5866 Fax: (888) 857-9922 [email protected]
Hi Lisa, Welcome to BN. Sounds like you have tons of knowledge to share...I look forward in getting to know you better. Blessing of Abundance to you, Misty
Comment by Lady_Executive
You too Misty! Likewise to soon.
Hello Lisa! Paul Murphy here from CO USA. Nice to read your profile Lisa, and I'd like to share some knowledge that puts the kabosh on the old school MLM approachs, the hundred no's, and 3 foot rule, plus many more... It would be great for you, someone who is already successful, to take a look at these free ideas, and use what you think could be of service to you and your business! All the best Lisa!
Comment by Lady_Executive
Thanks Paul, for the outreach. I'll take a look. I do both online & offline mktg. Nothing like good ole face to face networking!
Hi Lisa, It’s Great to be meeting like minded people here on BN! I love this community with so many Great people like you. I am constantly learning and sharing what I’ve learned to help each other along the way. I look forward to chatting with you and sharing tips and ideas. "You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end." - Sidney A. Friedman Wishing you a Life Filled with Joy, Marcello Lisi "Live your Dreams and Enjoy Life" What NOT to do in Network Marketing - Click Here
Comment by Lady_Executive
Thanks Marcello, my best to you too.
Hi Lisa, Welcome to Better Networker! This is a great community where you learn a lot from others. I'll be happy to help you in any way. Feel free to visit my website and download a FREE ebook that will save you time and money in this business..This is my gift to all new members! Kind regards, Danny Chiquito Get your ebook here:
Hi Lisa! Welcome to Better Networker! I look forward to reading your bio and to sharing ideas with you. :-) I've been a member here for quite some time and so if there's anything I can help you with, send a message. Enjoy!
Comment by Lady_Executive
Thanks Sharnese, best of luck to you too!
Hi Lisa! Welcome to Better Networker. If you haven't already, you may want to download Success In 10 Steps. It's a free ebook that doesn't mention any company names or products, but will likely save you a lot of frustration and failure. You may or may not find it useful. Http:// To your success, Shane
Comment by Lady_Executive
Thanks Shane, Ive already learned a lot of things through frustration LOL. But it has paid off, I will check out your report.
Hi there Lisa Welcome to the community. :-) It's great to have you! Enjoy the friendships, the training and the networking! Best, Lena
Comment by Lady_Executive
Hi Lena, thanks for your kind words. Glad to be here. Hope all is well with you & your business!