My interests are diverse. Four years travelling and living in Europe planted that bug pretty deep. I also love to put my feet up, with a nice glass of wine and knit a few rows. Summertime finds me digging more holes in the backyard. I am hands on so I don't mind a little dirt under the nails.

Oh all of the above. Hopefully soon that backyard will be a glory of paver paths, pond and garden so that I can indulge my other passion, entertaining friends and family with gourmet quality cooking. I envision evenings of live music, candles in hurricane lamps, great food and wonderful friends. And when hubby is back home that will then be relocated on a 155 acre lot. Like a good farm girl, we like our backyard to be generous. That 155 acre lot has to have a significant part of it adjoining or under water. Have to have a place where Papa can take the grandbabies fishing. Enough land I can freely walk the dogs without worry about leashes, and throw a stick in the water so they can go splashing.

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I was born a farm girl in a pretty little valley in Nova Scotia. When I grew up I did the one thing my Mom had always warned me about, I met and then married a military man. That was ok he was airforce. Sailors were the ones she really didn't want. That lead us to 4 glorious years living in Germany. Skip forward another 20+ and 'we' retired from the military and started our own company.
Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. When that closed in the spring of '99 I was ready to go back to work but opportunities just kept coming our way.
About 2006 LegalShield came into my world. I knew immediately that this was the product for me. We had been through so much grief after our company closed and there were so many things that caused its demise. If LegalShield had been available where we were, well things would have been a lot different. They are a lot different for people who do have the membership. Our family has used the service so many times when we just weren't sure about something, or we had to deal with an issue. I tell people I would not be without it, whether I made a cent marketing it or not.
So now I have the privilege of working full time with LegalShield. But my hubby is working. Back with the military, not serving but supporting. He works to keep our people safe over there. It is an honourable thing that he does but it is time for him to come home, permanently. So my goal, a big one, is to replace the income he currently makes so that we don't have to think about 'Taliban Airmail' anymore.

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