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sports, personal development, traveling, implication in improving community life and behavior

Scuba diving, horse riding, alpin ski, cross country

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Anthony Robbins, Michael Hall

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Live with passion Take massive actions You are fully responsible of what you do in your life

lelia raynal

business coach and mentor, expert internet marketer
Primary Company:  CarbonCopyPRO
Company 2:  Wealth Masters International
Other Company:  newmarketing4dummies
Industry:  Internet
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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I am a Business Coach and Mentor and an Internet Marketer. As a Team Leader, I help entrepreneurs to implement Internet marketing in their business and to improve their marketing strategies.

I am originated from France and moved to Canada in 1998. I ama former Scientist, with a PhD in Molecular Biology. I worked for 15 years as researcher and Team Leader in Cancerology and Public Health. Frustrated and tired by my career in research, I started her home based business as Internet marketer and completely transformed my life. As a successful self entrepreneur, I enjoy to spend time with my family, to be my own boss, to have the freedom to run my business from everywhere in the world, to share my expertise with the community and to help other entrepreneurs to succeed in their business.

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My Location:  montreal, Canada

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Yesderday, I was a scientist, specialized in molecular biology. Today, I am a beginner internet marketer. Tomorrow I will be an expert internet marketer.... I want to share my experience, my progress with others and benefit from the experiences of other. I want to give, to help, to be part of a internet community

hit me up at am Ann A lady from USA i have business proposal to discuss with you am not always online here
Hello Lelia, Great meeting in Jamaica at the M3, Facebook and now Betternetworker! This is fabulous! Have a great weekend... Doris Hullett
Hi Lelia, Thanks for your friendship! We look forward to getting to know you better and networking with you. Happy Holidays! Lynne and Chad
Hello Lelia, Thanks for the friend invite! Have a safe and prosperous weekend! -Selena
Hey Lelia, Thanks again for adding me here on BN! I look forward to networking with you! Get Back YOUR POWER & Discover the POWER of 2Plus7!! Cliff
Hi Lelia, Thank you for extending your Friendship with me. Each friend represents a world within us, and only by this meeting that a new world is born. This is a great community with so many fabulous people like you. I am constantly learning and sharing what I’ve learned to help each other along the way. Great About Me write up. I look forward to chatting with you and sharing tips and ideas. "Live your Dreams and Enjoy Life" Wishing you a Life Filled with Joy, Wendell Breedlove (434) 610-3239 or