Im A Book Worm Period! thats IT I love reading books. 24/7 ALL Day Who needs Tv? (smile) Masterminding with my Crew over AT M3...

Building My loving which is MY business Creating a Legacy for MY family

Favorite Authors:
Joe Schroeder Napoleon Hill

Favorite Quotes:
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but dancing in the Storm

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Lenai Stewart

Marketer & Mindset Teacher
Company:  Lenai Stewart
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Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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Hey It’s Lenai Stewart Here
Raised in Long Island, NY suburban gal @ heart
Mom of 2 beautiful girls, who are dear to me….

Raised by a single mom $$$ was a Little more than just
tight. So like The Great “P.Diddy” my work life started @ age 9

At the local school district & a few babysitting jobs.
Raised the traditional way get a good job, do good in school
& retire somewhere warm & sunny..

Awww! The Dream

Now What Really Happen?

3 Mergers in the banking industry switched over to health insurance industry
Hoping security would find me there!

About 8 years into the job Got the book “Who Moved The Cheese” by Spencer Johnson
Something about we are going on a new system we need everyone to be ready for change.
We were all told to read & sign on the dotted line that we read it.

What’s Goin On Around Here I Asked?

I heard secretly a voice say…Get Back In Line Lenai You’re a Daydreamer!

Well the merger began a yr later then another one the following year

Fast Forward**************

In the meantime working in a salaried position not getting paid
for overtime working extra hrs. to meet job demands for a raise
once a year left little time For me with the girls and to vacation.

I desired to be that “PTA mom” big time, be there to give them a kiss
before they got on the bus in the morning.

Well that’s what I really wanted more choices,
a better lifestyle and not to be slave to the “Workforce”

Trying to find out How My Cheese Kept Getting Moved
is when I started to pay attention to my inner voice & said

“Looks Like Now May be A Good Time to Start Searching Out What I really Want For My Family”

I started with a Travel Business guess I wanted a vacation

really bad, let’s say a little “Burnt Out” could use some relaxation.

Then I found Million Mind March…..AWWW!

I’ve been here every since sharing my community, leading others
& teaching what I learned to those who raise their hand to count
themselves in on creating their own economy.

I won’t promote Get Rich Deals, or
You can Make $10,000 in the next 90 days…
I sell people back to themselves; just release your beautyinside.

For A “Corporate BurnOut” the Mindset Training Here is OFF THA HOOk!

If I said Lifechanging you may not believe, but
stick around me long enough & you will see it.

No longer struggling for the right business, no more making
decisions based on what I don’t have and definitely no
more working where I am only tolerated…

I stay where I am celebrated, You are welcome to count yourself in to!

“Most Only Work For Someone Else, Because No One Showed Them How To Create Their Own Work”

For Free Audio CD & Booklet
Registar @ My Newsletter

Best Wishes To You!
Lenai Stewart




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My Location:  Long Island, New York
United States

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