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As a member of ABN you'll find working with me a positive beneficial experience.The up most important characteristic is I'm a solid person dictated to helping the Universe,Family and Business owners.

You'll learn I produce results based creative ways of solving problems. For Example, at home my dear and loving wife will say " how can I improve this at work " and with that question I see alternatives answers effortlessly as a way to fix things.It's just build into my DNA .From home to my online skills you'll realize learning and taking action in the present moment are conman treads that drives me.To look ahead let me back up .

In the mid 80's I was enthusiastically was shown the " CIRCLES " by Mr. Keith Belknap at the Hyatt downtown in Dallas Texas.With his speech Keith could have lit the metroplex a blaze with his presentation skills.Every circle connected with drawn out lines and all eyes balls in the room witnessing a man on fire with passion for the better life with the circles as the focus.It was memorializing.Never had I experienced this type motivational speaking.Needless to say I did not sleep for four days. Next,you'll take a first class Pennie tour of where it all stated,ok ?

South of Austin Texas,about 31 miles off IH 35 is where i hail from on the banks of the San Marcos River.Located in this little town is Texas State University,the largest open air shopping mail in Texas ( wife's a proud member )and the Alcala family Texas roots.

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