"Your real courage shows best in the hour of adversity." - Napoleon Hill via BetterNetworker


Animals, Camping, Gardening, Health, Music, Photography and Travel

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"I believe that you're great, that there's something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life, regardless of how young or how old you think you might be, the moment you begin to think properly, this something that is within you, this power within you that's greater than the world, it will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you, it will clothe you, it will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence. If you let it! Now that is what I know, for sure." Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith “Take the first step in faith you don’t have to see the whole staircase just take the first step” - Martin Luther King Jr. 1929-1968 "Worry is the burden God never meant for us to bear." "Reality is the leading cause of stress."

Liane Bisaillon

Networking to Help Awesome People Own Their Lives!
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I'm mom to 4 amazing children.

I run a successful home business & can help you do the same.

I coach, train & mentor people for FREE & LOVE it!

I also do photography & promote local talent.

I am NOT looking for a company & am NOT a prospect!

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My Location:  Vancouver, British Columbia

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Don't Stop Dreaming & Believing; Especially in Yourself!

Hello Liane, I was so happy to see the friends request that you sent me. I need all the friends I can get. I feel so alone in my quest to learn online marketing. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you.
Thanks for being a friend here on the BN. I do like your articles of inspiration and your comments up in the discussions. Much success to your and your endeavors.
Thanks for the Friendship Liane. Look forward to getting to know you. I Mentor for Free also. Probably heard you on a call before. Talk soon
Hi Liane, You sound like an amazing person. I look forward to getting to know you and visiting your websites. I am on with dell replacing sound card and look forward to looking at videos as soon as it is installed.
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
Oh wow Sallie... You are too kind. I'm sorry for the great delay and hope that You enjoyed the holidays and are enjoying 2011!
Thank you Liane for the friend invitation. This is such a neat place to learn different things from.
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
I'm glad that You are enjoying it here Kim! If I can be of any help, please contact me! Blessings to You! <3
Good Evening Liane from Beautiful and Spacious Kansas!! Just want to thank you for the connection and insightful feedback. I am intrigued by your viewpoints and I really look forward to having the opportunty to experience many more of them. Til we share again, Peace and Success Coach Huggans
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
Thank You Chris! It is a pleasure knowing You!
Thanks for the connection Liane, I could always use some coaching....
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
I'm absolutely here to help You own your life Sean so download my Free e-book & we'll get started! <3
Thanks for the request.
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
Thank You for the connection Natasha! <3
Hey Liane! Thanks for the request, for being one of the first to greet me on here. Still trying to learn how the "Better Networker" works, kinda getting the hang of it already, a lot of neat stuff on here. Hope all is well with you and yours, keep in touch. -Rey
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
It's my honour to be your friend Rey and I look forward to getting to know You better! <3
Hi Liane Thanks for connecting
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
My pleasure Sergey! How are You doing? <3
Thanks for extending your friendship with me.
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
Thank You for accepting it Alexandr! <3
Hello Liane:) Thank you for your friendship, we connect on YouTube as well, was today as well wow! I look forward to getting know you and chatting with you, sharing ideas with you tips ideas to help each out out please:) CynthiaHern1
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
Hey Cynthia! It's a pleasure to 'meet' You on here! Hope to get to know You better! <3
Hi Liane, thanks for the friend connection. I look forward to networking with you and sharing ideas. Keep in touch and have a great day! Ginny
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
Hi Ginny. Great to 'meet' You on here! Have an awesome day! <3
Hello Liane, Thanks for your friendship. What a great value & service you are providing. I am looking forward to keeping up with you. May many blessing be yours! Nancy
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
Thank YOU Nancy. I absolutely love what I do! Chat soon! <3
Greetings Liane! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for adding me to your network. As well as see if you would consider helping me send some meals to 35 kids every month? No smoke and mirrors. If you do business on the internet then this could be a great benefit to your operation. In doing so, you would be privilege to getting a free training program for just making a commitment to feed starving children. This is a valuable token of appreciation. Here is the video about the training program that’s being given away if you want to take a look. http://sowgoodseeds.info. Take care. GOD Bless…
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
That sounds like extremely rewarding work Mansuur. Do you have many people helping you?
Hi Liane Thanks for connecting. I am new in this community and looking for suggestions on how to function as a good member Jan
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
Hi Jan! Great to 'meet' you! I suggest staying plugged in. Download my Free e-book "Success in 10 Steps" for information. <3
Thanks for the friend request! I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
Thanks Janine. Great connecting with you!
Hi Liane, thanks for invite me to be friends. I think that we can interchange experiences and information about building our internet businesses and life. I´m developing in the magneting sponsoring direction and if you too use the same approach we have much more to learn from each other. Best regards, Rick.
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
That's totally what life's all about my friend; attracting to You all the great and wonderful things which this Universe offers!
Hello Liane, we have lots in common... I also love gardening and we have enough animals here to fill a zoo! Warmly, Angela
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
I'd love to have more animals but bylaws won't allow it. :-( Hope to get to know you better Angela!
Hi Liane, see you're in Langley BC. I was out in Vancouver '79 to '07. Been back to my hometown (Hamilton ON) for a bit, but spent more than half my life out there. Thank you for the inspiring words under Favourite Quotes.
Comment by Liane_Bisaillon
I'm glad you like the quotes. That long one is from The Secret and it is what gives me my strength when life isn't nice & fair.