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I'm Lisa Sucato wife, surfermom and business owner

ok, and

part time beach bum.

I worked many jobs throughout my life, nothing made me happy. I believe you have to love what you do and do what you love. I finally had a taste of what it was like working from home and didn't want to go back to the 9-5 job, but I still wasn't crazy about the path I had taken.

I knew there was something BIGGER out there and I was destin for greatness.

That's when I was introducted to the network marketing industry. Just about 4 years ago.

Loads of failures and yes success too.

I knew I had found the industry that I was meant to be part of ....

So, yes I hooked up with what I believe is one of the best companies out there (it changed my life in a way you would never guess - more than just money) but I also realized that skills are what makes or breaks you in this business.

Core skills that I needed to help others.
I found some amazing people in a close knit community to show me the way,
I learned things that never seemed possible..

Now, in return, I share what I'm learning with others.

It's an incredible ride.

So grab your board and come along, I'll teach you the meaning of Hang10.

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My Location:  Treasure Coast, Florida
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