I love being with my friends and family, making a cozy atmosphere, enjoy delicious food and having an uplifting conversation. I also enjoy the outdoor life - being in nature both on/at the sea and walking in the mountains and forests. Nothing is more wonderful than following the trees and flowers and all of nature during the different seasons of the year. I love the pleasure of reading a good book and I am interested in what you call alternative thinking - what I believe is just a deepening of the reality and understanding of the mystery of life. I have been working with - and still is – EFT and Law of Attraction. I enjoy music - both light as well as the classic gender.

As mentioned under "My Interests" I enjoy outdoor life and hiking. I also like to do work out and keep fit in different ways. Then under activities I have to mention everything within the internet marketing, reading, learning and practicing.

Favorite Authors:
There are so many good ones but I do love Pauolo Coelho and this summer I got to know Cecilia Samartin. I loved her way of writing. I also love to learn from Mike Dillard. By reading his books and following his advice I am slowly building my online business in a highly skilled way.

Favorite Quotes:
Bob Proctor once said: "You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution. Change is inevitable, personal growth is always a personal decision." It is merciless - I try to live it but...puh. When I manage the victory is sweet.... :-))

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Liv Senstad

Independent Marketing Consultant&Certified M2Platinum WMI Consultant
Primary Company:  Wealth Masters International
Company 2:  Magnetic Sponsoring
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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About Me

My name is Liv Senstad
I am Norwegian and I live at the beautiful shore of Oslofiord, just 10 minutes outside Oslo- -the Capital of Norway.

I just retired from my job as a Physical Therapist and I am excited to tell that I have started a new career.

Short story about my life.

I grew up at the South-East Coast of Norway near a little town named Sandefjord. It is located where Oslofiord meets Skagerrak, the ocean between Denmark and Norway.

I lived many years abroad.


As soon as I finished High School I left for England to work as an Au Pair in London to improve my English skills.
I joined a wonderful family and had such a beautiful time watching a little 1 ½-year old girl and a 4-year old boy. I adored those children and tears were running when I had to return to Norway to start my studies half a year later.


Before I left for England I had decided I wanted to learn the profession Physical Therapy and on my return from England I went straight to Germany to start my education.

My studies were performed in Kiel, Northern Germany and my internship was done in Villingen, Black Forest, in the corner where Germany meets France and Switzerland.

I indeed loved my stay in Germany.
The Germans are very exact in their work and they are very good in socializing and celebrating.
I got so many wonderful friends there – I still enjoy those friendships.

As a bonus I got to learn Germany perfectly.
As a Norwegian with only 4-5 million people speaking your language, it is important being able to speak other languages as well.
During the years I have experienced that it is with languages like it is with bicycles – once learned how to use them – you never forget. It just gets a bit rusty – but it is easy to polish it again.


After my return to Norway I worked for a couple of years and then I joined the Norwegian Volunteer Service which was a part of the Norwegian Developing Aid System.


I went as a Physical Therapist to Kenya, Africa for 2 years.
I worked in an Association which mainly gave treatment to children having suffered from Poliomyelitis.
I worked in an Ambulant Clinic and made daily countryside trips in my car filled with crutches and plaster.

I even joined the Flying Doctor Service once a month going in a little 4 Seat Airplane owned and flown by this Swiss Lady Doctor to the dessert of Northern Kenya on the boarder towards Ethiopia.

I was dropped in a little Village to do my job while the Doctor made her roundtrip in order to pick me up 3 days later.
On these trips I indeed met people living at nature’s mercy.
They lived in small shelters made of straw having to walk mile after mile to fetch water which was filled in a jar and carried on their heads for hours.
Most people had a tough life but they were beautiful and graceful even if they were surrounded by a stunning but harsh nature. I drove a lot around and again and again I was stunned by the dessert and it’s people.

While in Kenya I was able to climb Mount Kenya – the highest mountain in Kenya and second highest in Africa.
It was a breathtaking 2 days tour where we slept in tents at 4800 meters in order to start the last climb at 4 am which gave us the possibility to watch the sunrise from the very top.
Puh – breathtaking in many ways!

My son

I was married for a short period of time and I have a wonderful son.
I have been a single parent since he was a baby and I know the struggle with all the timing which has to be done getting everything to fit together.
But I enjoyed very much a Mom's life following my child growing up giving support in sad as well as happy and joyful times.


When my son was 3 years old I was asked if I wanted to join the Volunteer Service again- -so we packed our bags and lived for a year in Gaborone, Botswana where I worked in the Main Hospital.

My little son joined a Kindergarten and learned very well English during that year.
Back in Norway - for a long time - when he played by himself - he was talking only English.


For some years we lived in Oslo, but life had been a bit rough on me a couple of years. There had within a short period of time been losses of highly beloved family members, and the sorrow together with an extremely tight schedule made my body react negatively and I got a “burn out” – I indeed hit the wall and was not able to work.

I didn’t have any near family left so I moved across the Atlantic Ocean to Montreal, Canada to stay near some blessed friends.
It was a place I knew my son would be happy and I could recover.
We stayed for 5 ½ years – until my son was due starting high school.

Back in Norway

I got a job as the leader of the Physical Department in a Rehabilitation Center for newly operated Orthopedic Patients.

My son finished High School and College.
He has now an urban life in Oslo and I live just 20 minutes away by car beautifully at the shore of Oslofiord.

Why start as a Business Entrepreneur now?

I guess that most of you can understand that being a single parent and Physical Therapist never gave me very much financial freedom.

After I retiring I wanted to use my given spare-time to learn something new and at the same time create a stable and good economy.

I would love to secure the future economy for my near family and I, to travel, have the ability to give when I want – feel financially free and safe.

Now I am eager learning and working an online business.
This is fun and meaningful and I get the chance to meet a lot of interesting people.

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