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I'm a singer/guitarist in my own band "The Yellow Stallions", I love exploring the world, I'm a black-belt in Karate and I love to write!

Favorite Authors:
Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor-Hansen, David Schwartz, Dale Carnegie, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coelho and David Deida.

Favorite Quotes:
"The Only Limitations To The Mind Are Those That Are Acknowledged" - Napoleon Hill "You Can Have Whatever You Want, Just Relax And Let The Universe Yield It To You In Whatever Is The Most Logical Way" - Abraham

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Luke Shavak

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I live in Melbourne, Australia and really believe we have the most beautiful place in the world here. I feel very blessed to live in such an abundant country. I am a ridiculously motivated, passionate, healthy and easy going guy who definitely doesn’t sleep enough. I really love life, and I am committed to getting the most out of my time here on Earth before I die!


I love rock music. I mean I really love it. I created an alternative rock band four years ago and am the frontman of “The Yellow Stallions”. I sing, play guitar and a little bit of keys. The band means a lot and are like family to me, and we have played at some great venues. In fact – in November 2010 we played on the Federation Square main stage here in Melbourne for 24 hours non-stop and raised $6,000 for cancer research. I sung 192 songs in a row – and didn’t know it was possible to fall asleep while you are singing but I can assure you it can be done! It was a huge achievement for us, and definitely for me personally in terms of having a ‘larger than life’ idea and watching that manifest into reality in under 8 weeks. The Melbourne public supported us in the most amazing way, and really backed our cause. Check out the video below to see a little bit about our Fed Square gig, and also a little about “The Yellow Stallions”:

You can listen to us on our Facebook Fan Page (and become a fan if you would like!)


I am a MASSIVE Pearl Jam fan. I own over 70 Pearl Jam CD’s and have seen them live 15 times! I followed them all around Australia to see them on their 2003 ‘Riot Act’ tour and watched them play 10 times in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth within about 2 weeks. I’ve also seen them overseas in Canada as well. Eddie Vedder raw and live is just the coolest thing ever. My love for the band definitely inspired me to create my own band.


I love to travel every chance I can get. I worked at a summer camp in Connecticut in the USA (back when I had hair as you can see in this Grand Canyon photo), and in the rocky mountains at the beautiful Lake Louise ski resort in Canada. While working at Lake Louise for eight months I basically went snowboarding EVERY SINGLE day (apart from – I think it was two days off) Snowboarding is the ultimate in fun for me. The feeling of deep powder below your board is like riding a cloud! I have also been to England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Italy. I have done Karate training in Malaysia and Singapore, and also been to New Zealand. My most recent overseas visit was to Nepal where I recently climbed higher than Mt. Everest Base camp up to Island Peak which stands at 6,189 metres. I’ve been skydiving and bungee jumping but in terms of getting my ‘kicks’ getting to the top of Island Peak was definitely one of the most physically and mentally challenging things I’ve ever done. It was part of ‘Remission Possible’ which was a fundraiser for cancer research which my friends and I did. We raised $40,000 all together.


I also recently got my black belt in Karate which was definitely a childhood dream for me (I always loved the Ninja Turtles and the Karate Kid as a boy). Considering I really dislike fighting other people it really was an accomplishment. What I love about Karate is not the fact that it teaches you how to kick people’s heads in – but the discipline and selfcontrol which it comes with.


I love to write. I have been writing a book for about ten years now, which is over 50,000 words long. It is a spiritual book for the average joe which aims to take the reader to a place similar to the way Eckhart Tolle’s books do. If you’re a spiritual reader and a fan of Eckhart – please keep an eye out for my name on bookshelves in the future. ;)


I’m obsessed with self-development. I’ve read, highlighted and re-read all the masters – Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor-Hansen, David Schwartz, Dale Carnegie, Robert Kiyosaki and of course Napoleon Hill to name a few. I’ve done numerous courses such as ‘Success and You’, ‘Landmark Education’, ‘Avatar’ and can simply – and never will be fulfilled with enough of this stuff. My cup will always be half-full in regard to self-development – I can never get ‘quite enough’. I have many life coaches as friends. I meditate every day, and find it such a fulfilling time. I practice Vipassana meditation which is the 2,500 year old technique taught by the Buddha. I generally try to attend 1 ten-day silent retreat once a year. I find reflection to be one of the most powerful catalysts for positive change in my life, and although I’m not a practising ‘Buddhist’ I am always doing my best to live in the truth of life. This truth being that life is a completely impermanent phenomenon, and that there is a way to always rest and find peace in that wisdom – which thus brings never ending peace and compassion to every moment.


The ability to be able to do whatever you want – whenever you want is something that has always truly excited me. We all dream about having financial freedom and unlimited income potential but so many of us truly believe that we’re not good enough or even deserve to have it. I truly believe EVERYONE should be able to do whatever they want – whenever they want. EVERYONE – including YOU! My life’s purpose is to empower and inspire as many people as I possibly can before I die. Whether that’s done through helping others to achieve unlimited income, or to simply help them by empowering them through a hard time their going through – I achieve my purpose.

My journey with financial freedom has been a rocky one – but has definitely been the exact path which I needed to take. I had to pay my dues. In the beginning, to understand the true secrets of creating unlimited wealth I basically tracked down a marketing millionaire – went to one of his seminars and asked him to be my mentor (If you’d like a free audio of him giving away awesome secrets, just enter your email above). This literally changed my life because it SHATTERED MY BELIEF SYSTEMS about what I thought was possible. I travelled with my mentor all around Australia following him and studying everything which he taught. I realised he was just like me! He wasn’t necessarily smarter or better than me in any way. He was just a normal (and pretty awesome) guy! This is what you must do! I believe the most CRUCIAL thing so you can break your beliefs is to CHANGE your ENVIRONMENT. You must associate with who you want to be like – get into their energy and see first hand how it is totally possible that you too can have, be and do anything you want.


I love the MLM/direct sales industry mainly because of 5 main reasons:

1. There is NO DOWN-SIDE RISK. Most business require significant capital – not in this business you don’t! In most cases it’s unbelievably cheap to get access to a system which can produce ridiculous amounts of passive income.

2. TIME FREEDOM! (My personal favourite) This business produces PASSIVE INCOME which means if you do it right – you eventually just start receiving money in the bank every month without doing anything!

3. There is literally absolutely no limit on earnings. That’s right! It is possible to earn $1 Million a month or MORE if you want to.

4. There doesn’t need to be any stress in this business at all. If you are not having fun at this – then you’re doing it wrong!

5. The Four Year Plan. It will take you 40 years to retire in a traditional business. Not MLM/direct sales. If you work diligently for one company for two to four years, you can basically be set for life!

My first two years in network marketing were pretty depressing and awful. I sponsored no-one and thought the problem was my company, and so I joined a different company- but guess what!? Same thing! After joining this company and while still ‘trying’ to find the ‘solution’ I found I still had exactly the same problems! It took some serious staring at the man in the mirror to truly discover the source of all my failure – ME.

The fact that I was with a couple of companies I wasn’t passionate about didn’t help me either. It’s ultra important to be truly excited and enthusiastic about your opportunity and genuinely love it, or you WILL fail just as I did again and again. My company chose me, rather than me choosing the company. When I finally did actually choose MY company – my whole life changed. I LOVED DOING THE BUSINESS all of a sudden. Ensure your product or service is something you USE yourself and absolutely love! Your prospects MUST hear the enthusiasm in your voice! This is ESSENTIAL TO YOUR SUCCESS in direct sales and network marketing.

I honestly believe to truly succeed seriously in this industry 80% of your time MUST be spent prospecting, and if you’re not getting the results that you want at the moment seriously look to see if this is the reason why. If you’ve heard of the Pareto Principle you will know that 20% of what you do gives you 80% of your results. For us in this business that 20% is ON THE PHONE! In my first two years of sponsoring no-one I was spending 0-5% of my time on the phone which was why I was failing. Although this seems obvious to me now, at the time I just couldn’t see this was why I was failing. I would do literally anything to avoid picking up the phone – but I clearly couldn’t see that this was the issue.

A lot of people seem to think that MLM and direct selling is a sales business. But it simply isn’t! The regular housewife will actually find this easier than a car salesman. It is a teaching business, and a business about relationships. You don’t need to CLOSE, or HARD-SELL anyone and if you are doing that I’m sorry but you will fail to produce any massive amounts of money because it just isn’t duplicatable. The people who do best at this, are the regular joes out there.

I still find it unbelievable that the network marketing and direct selling industry is full of people who don’t know how to market yet that is the reality of the industry. Between 95-97% of people in MLM will never make more than a couple of hundred bucks. This is ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING when you really think about it.

This 3-5% of network marketers who have succeeded are doing two things which have nothing to do with their specific network marketing opportunity. These two things are:

1. Marketing.

These two things really are the key to network marketing and direct sales. You must have a good marketing system in place so that EVERY SINGLE DAY you have people to speak to. With 1 Billion people on the Internet you can change your life through whatever means, but you must first decipher how you can get people to give you what you want. The answer is: you give them WHAT THEY WANT!

2. Leadership.

You must have leadership qualities and traits. You must have HONESTY, PERSISTENCE and INTEGRITY to be an effective and empowering human being. The great news is that these skills and traits can be learned and acquired but for most people this does take some time – but well worth the wait.

Once marketing and leadership are MASTERED in this industry, you can live the life of your dreams and experience true financial freedom.

Your opportunity is the vehicle but it’s important to understand people join people, people don’t join opportunities. So what are you doing? Are you promoting yourself, or are you promoting your opportunity? See the difference? This is key, really key to understanding attraction marketing which is what I teach. You ATTRACT people to YOU, because of WHO YOU ARE. It is always the relationship between the sponsor and the prospect which will make people feel safe enough to go to their wallet and hand over the money to join your company. It’s THE RELATIONSHIP!

No matter how you have gone so far in this business, or any business for that matter the secret of success is persistence. This business is by no means HARD. It couldn’t be more unbelievably simple to create incomes beyond your wildest dreams. So what gets in our way that stops us?? Our beliefs do. It is our beliefs about what we think is possible for ourselves that truly restricts us from having what we truly want. And the serious reality of this is that changing beliefs takes TIME. It takes TIME to truly believe that you can actually earn up to $50,000 a month. However – I truly believe ANYONE can get there if they simply PERSIST. No matter what age, background or race – we all have the ability to achieve our dreams and live lives of total and complete abundance. Network marketing and direct sales is EASY! It is simply people’s belief systems that GET IN THE WAY. You HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY TO SUCCEED!

My journey has not been easy by any means. I have had to learn some of the hardest lessons about myself, but the one thing I know is that if I persist I will truly win out in the end just as you will.

“THINK AND GROW RICH” By Napoleon Hill.

Chapter 5: Persistence. “The sustained effort necessary to enduce faith”.

I know this is the truth.

The longer I stay in the game the more chance I have of winning. My accountant once questioned why I had spent over $15k into online network marketing without seeing any significant financial return yet. I felt so embarassed at first, and it shocked me – but in a GOOD way. It showed me how I couldn’t give up even if I wanted to and in terms of being persistent – I was definitely winning! My girlfriend wanted me to quit online network marketing so I was forced to leave – I have to give the man in the mirror what he wants even if it means losing out sometimes. We simply didn’t share the same dreams. To overcome my fears of talking on the phone I got a job in a market research company making cold calls to see if people would like to do a survey. This has helped my MASSIVE FEAR of picking up the phone. So often on my journey, if I haven’t been able to go through it, I’ve had to go around, and every single ultra successful person will tell you exactly the same thing, and they will also tell you to PERSIST no matter what.

No matter what happens – do not EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, GIVE UP!


I truly hope your dreams come into fruition, and if I can be of any assistance whatsoever please contact me directly on email at [email protected]

Mobile: +61 418100972

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