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I am an avid reader, I enjoy reading as it give me a relaxed peace of mind while indulging in knowledge. I love to cook especially for others. I like to see them rave over my cooking. I like movies on TV, I don't care for the theaters. I love all types of music, but perfer to listen to Gospel. I don't care to travel except by car. I'm afraid of height and don't care to fly.

Cleaning my home, exercising, growing plants, doing gardening.

Favorite Quotes:
"Let Go; And Let God". "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them do Unto You".

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Lula Glover

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Primary Company:  BigValueDepot, Inc.
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I'm Lula. I graduated form G.W. Carver High School in the sixties. I have attended and graduated from other Technical schools. I moved to N.Y. in the sixties and have worked in government most of my working career. I have been interested in Import/Export, Telemarketing and MLM for over 30yrs. I always wanted to be my own boss because I got tired of being pushed around like a sack. I like the idea of being busy expanding my own business. I have a set goal to recruit thousands of leads for my business so I can build my own Empire.

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