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Hi, my name is Manon Hutton, I am from Canada. I work in the transformative field, practicing EFT (emotional freedom technique), Ho'Oponopono and other modalities that works on letting go of limiting beliefs and memory cleansing. Problem solving methods is what I share with people.

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Hello Manon - I am thrilled your found BN - no better place to rub elbows with kindred spirits. A place to share and learn. Enjoy! I love to help people gain the skills to achieve success and thus their dreams. Stop by and visit me sometime. We shall be seeing you around BN!! Connie Loeschen Remember if you can dream it you can build it.
Hi Manon! Welcome to the Community. I've taken the EFT beginners and advanced materials, and did the 3-day seminar with the Masters. I am here to coach and mentor. I would find it a great pleasure to be of assistance if you need some. Please look over my profile. I have a great e-book that may help you gain some additional insight as to why there has been so much Network Marketing business failure. The truth is told in this book. Have a great day! A Friend. Dan Sauvageau 720-448-5880 [email protected]
Hi Manon, The present moment is all you ever have, there is never a time where your life is not this moment, is this not a fact. - Wishing you a Life Filled with Joy - Creator Of: How to Understand Compensation Plans Søren Egstrup “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can leard to do it well” Not enough prospects!
Hello Manon, may I suggest The Millionaire Maker. by Loral Langemier to add to your fine library. Your are in the healing feild, very interesting!! I was in a horrible motorcycle accident, and they said I would never walk again. Well this everyready bunny is just hopping along, Miracles Do happen. In private I will tell you how!! Meantime may I suggest you hook up with Adrian Armstrong on this site, he is a worl of knowledge and a great, great help. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Tom Savas
Hello - So glad to see you found BN! You will enjoy spending time with all the kindred spirits here. I love reading and sharing ideas, I have learned so much here already! Take your time and enjoy. Stop by and visit me sometime! Enjoy Life and Live Your Dreams Connie Loeschen Free Tools to Succeed in Network Marketing ~ Click Here!
Hello Manon, Welcome to Better Networker from your new friend Nancy Sampson I think you'll have a great time here. I am a coach and a Mentor... My coaching is absolutely free of charge and we can start immediately. I would love to help you with anything you reach success.. So why not take your first step and download the ebook below entitled "Success In 10 Steps" that will save you many years of failure and frustration as it did me. Click here for the ebook Success in 10 Steps To your success.. Nancy Sampson Your Friend and Mentor For Life.. H-320-243-4459 C-320-309-7754
Welcome I am from PEI , Canada Stephen PS: Want 50,000 guaranteed visitors FREE!! Details at my profile page
Hi Manon, Welcome to BetterNeworker. In your picture, you happen to be standing in front of my mother's all time favorite place to go on vacation. She absolutely loves it there. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. Dianne