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Marcello Lisi

Professional Network Marketer
Company:  I AM THAT, I AM
Industry:  Engineering
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Welcome and Thank You for visiting me on BetterNetworker, my name is Marcello Lisi and I am truly blessed with a wonderful life.

Several years back I was a Successful Engineer going to work every day in a suit and tie. When I pulled out the key to start my car, I asked myself: "Do I really want to be leaving for work at 7AM?  Do I really want to be fighting through all that traffic to get to work on time? And is this 2002 Camry the car of my Dreams?

Well, every morning when I pulled out the key to start my car, I always asked those three questions.  Finally, I decided to do something about it.  And when I did I discovered something far Greater than just making money. I discovered that the key to real true Happiness & Success was in helping others.

I discovered Network Marketing, why Network Marketing? Because the concept of Network Marketing is truly about helping others, and through helping others achieve success you in turn are successful. WOW! What a WONDERFUL concept!

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At first the road wasn't easy...after having spent a fortune in Network the tune of $27, make things work I finally found out how to successfully build a Great Home Based Business with Network Marketing / MLM.

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And guess what??? After having spent all that money the information I found was completely FREE!!! CLICK HERE to see for YourSelf!

I now help others in Network Marketing save themselves Years of Failure and Frustration and most importantly...Save themselves Money. Doesn't matter what company you are with I am happy to help and share what I've learned so others can achieve the Success I am experiencing in my Network Marketing company.

Experts are talking about's a free eBook I found. Experts say that if you deal with people in your business your will certainly need to read this free eBook. You can download it here:

To your Success,

Marcello Lisi
"Live your Dreams and Enjoy Life"
(514) 769-5452 Anytime

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My Location:  Montreal, Quebec

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Hello Marcello, I'm writing to let you know I've been talking with John Halloway who speaks highly of you. I can't wait to here you on a call we will be having in the near future. Thank you for being my friend here. I hope you're having a blessed day.
Hello Marcello I'm a fellow Better Networker member and I wonder if you would do me a favour. I have built a couple of Squidoo Lens and I want as many people as possible to go into them and spend a few minutes there before coming out. This is nothing nasty - I'm just trying to get up the rankings. I would be really grateful if you would do this, and maybe forward my message on to any of your contacts. Here are the links: If I can ever return a favour, please just ask! Best Wishes Allison
Thanks for the friend invite. It's nice to meet you. I hope we can stay in touch! Regards, Angel
Marcello! How have you been my friend? nC
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Ron
Hi Marcello, Thanks for the friend invitation! Back from Italy?!?! That sounds great. Where did you visit? I sang just north of Roma in Viterbo two summers ago. Also, had the chance to visit Messina... The food is soooo amazing over there. Take care, Joel
Marcello, Thank you for accepting my friend request! I love listening to your calls on MFF. I really like the picture link idea! You are so creative! All the Best Always, Your Friend, Alicia Bozza
Marcello: Thanks for inviting me to connect with you. I'm new to social media as a vehicle to build my business. I'm eager to learn new skills and apply them to my business. Have an awesome day! Blessings, Andrea
Hey Marcello, Thanks for sharing your friendship with me. I've heard so much about the man, the legend, but now I get to connect with him! Seriously, I appreciate all you do to help the community. Your Forever Friend, Randy Enman
Marcello, I am just getting started with Mentoring for Free! I am so glad to find people on BN who will help guide me...for FREE! Thanks!
Hi, It's Everest John Alexander with a quick business tip. My good friend, Nigel just shared with me where I can get FREE, Unlimited Business Opportunity Leads and I'm just passing along the favor! Visit: It's all Free!!!
Hi Marcello! Just wanted to drop a quick line and say hi. I am an owner of a conventional business and moving forward into Network Marketing. Need to have some life at times without being stuck to the desk. I came to BetterNetworker for one reason, and that was to help people out with their businesses or lives in anyway that I could. Feel free to review my profile. I wish you great success and look forward to hearing from you. A friend. Dan Sauvageau 720-851-7720 [email protected]
JUST BUZZING BY TO SAY HI...SHARE SOME LOVE! We're very happy to have the opportunity to meet you, learn about your ventures and share our ideas with you. Please drop by my profile page, and feel free to add me as a friend. Also, I would like to invite you to join our group Business Builders Resources Love ~ Peace ~ Abundance, Dr. Buzz - President Bio-Wealth, LLC Assured Lifetime Income Look into ADDING this EASY worldwide opportunity to your portfolio, its TEAM ORIENTED! AS PEOPLE IN THIS FORUM JOIN OUR TEAM, I WILL GIVE THEM TO YOU, IT'S ABOUT BUILDING YOUR INCOME TOO. We're not Wall Street, there's no greed in our team...
Hi Marcello, Somehow I missed welcoming you. I really enjoy your writings. Wishing you the best of everything. Elwood
Sandy Kok wrote
Hi Marcello, Welcome you to be one of my network here.. To start our friendship right here, I would like to share a profitable Autopilot system with you which I'm using right on my home-based business..and It's consists of 18 income streams! Visit Hope to hear from you soon..Cheers^_^ To your Success, Sandy
Hello Marcello! Thank you for the ad. You have a great story and I'm delighted that you're sharing it and your resources with others to empower them with the tools to blow through the status quo. If you don't mind I'd like to offer another useful tool for fellow networkes to raise their game to the next level by clicking here: Continued Success, Richard L. Turner Jr. 510-917-0153 [email protected]
Thanks for the add. I look forward to reading more of what you've got to say as I spend more time around here, at a glance I've already seen some valuable stuff! Take care and talk to you again soon!
Thanks for adding me, and also thanks for the little things you do that make it a great day!
Marcello , thanks for the add! Whatever I can do to help you in your own business and marketing efforts, don't hesitate to contact me. Let's help each other! If you're interested follow my efforts on 180DaysToGreatness as 25 of us collaborate together to set our businesses on fire and inspire and help others do the same. You can follow what i'm doing on twitter too. All The Best, Carlos
Hey Marcello, Great information on the page. I liked your reasoning on compensation plans and what you need to do to make your desired income. All the best, James Bonanno