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ello Mark, Paul here, thanking you for adding me to your friends list here on BNW... I've been kicking around the industry for some time, roughly 19 years, and thanks to persistance didn't quit years ago! I'd be faced with the unpleasant future of working until I die, maybe becoming a greeter in some retail outlet, who knows? Instead I'm having the time of my life, planning my 2 year goal of spending the spring, summer, fall in the mountains here in the USA, and the winters in the tropics! Check out my profile and photo gallery for some of my most recent adventures, and sure to add to those real soon! I am busy making new friends here, and volunteering my time as coach and mentor with Mentoring for Free. Not a bad job at all, I mean some body has to do it, right Mark? Just a tip, you may want to go to account settings and activate your private message function! Check in anytime friend! Paul
Hey Mark, just want to say Hi and Welcome.. I hope you enjoy your stay here..Have a wonderful Day!!
Hi Mark Just a quick hello and welcome if you like horses come and meet our wild mustangs and have a look around if you have any questions feel free to ask Cynthia and James