Matty Patterson

Founder & CEO, MPatt Enterprises
Primary Company:  Wealth Masters International
Company 2:  MyLeadSystemPRO
Company 3:  Magnetic Sponsoring
Other Company:  MPatt Enterprises
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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Hey there Fellow Entrepreneur, My Name is Matty Patterson!!

I come from the land Downunder, but don’t hold our Beautiful weather & Sunkist beaches against me. I live in Sydney, Australia and have a passion/obsession for business, music & personal development and I LOVE sharing my passions with others.

The corporate thing never appealed to me, especially with aspirations of travelling the world as a singer, songwriter & performer ( I’ve had many jobs over the years to help support my music “addiction” that led me down all sorts of roads like kids entertainment, promotions, pharmacy, movie extra, camp counselor, waiter, duty manager, check-out chick – I mean dude… and really anything that paid $$.

I was a jack of all trades and made the best of whatever came my way. All I knew was that I didn’t want to have a J-O-B like my dad and work my ass off for the rest of my life and have nothing to show for it!

This led me to network marketing and onto create Online MLM Empire & the MLM Success Strategy.

And if you’re anything like me you know that the path to financial freedom is found through owning your own business and NOT slaving away at your dead-end J-O-B, making someone else’s dreams come true! My mission with Online MLM Empire & the MLM Success Strategy is:

“To Develop the Next Generation of Network Marketing Leaders”

There is a lot of talk about this “industry” and “business” being “simple”, and it is - IF you “understand” it. But very few people truly “understand” this business & make it far more complicated than it is. They “think” they “know”, but let me assure there is a huge difference between thinking, knowing and then actually understanding.

Here at OME & MSS we focus on Results. This may sound simple, but this is one of the keys to success. Results Matter, Nothing Else. Being “busy” gets you NOWHERE! Being “productive” & focusing on “results” guarantees you move forward.

My goals with OME & MSS are to show fellow network marketers:

  1. How to use the EXACT same approach that the top producers use
  2. STOP all your cold calling and bugging your friends & family
  3. Learn how to generate 50-100 leads per day
  4. Recommend tools & products that will accelerate your learning & success
  5. Match, then EXCEED your current income with your network marketing income
  6. Help you QUIT your J-O-B in 90-120 days
  7. Develop your MLM business to a consistent 5 then 6 Figures/month

There is a way to do this; there is a system to do this. There is a STRATEGY that will get you there if you just go through the motions and commit 100% to YOUR success & building your profitable business.

If you’re a struggling network marketer and you’re Ready to do “Whatever It Takes” to succeed;

  • If you’re someone who is Committed, Determined and a Relentless action taker;
  • If you’re someone who is Enthusiastic, Passionate & has BIG dreams;
  • If you’re someone who is Coachable, Teachable, Trainable;
  • If you’re someone who has a success mindset & entrepreneurial spirit;
  • If you’re a TEAM player, interested in helping others succeed on their team;
  • If you’re someone who wants to earn a minimum of $10,000 per month…

…then we can definitely show you how to achieve the results you want from your MLM business. If that person is not you, then you will find it very hard to succeed in network marketing.

If what I’ve talked about resonates with you feel free to PM me or simply visit or for more information.

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My Location:  Sydney, New South Wales

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