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Aloha From the Island of Maui Yes, I live in Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Yes, it is a beautiful place.  No, I don't live near the tourist zones.  Yes, I will point you to the best places to see if you are coming here to visit, just send me a message.  Now that we are through the usual questions people ask me, I can say that my first website was in the late 90's and was all about Hawai`i.  I published a newsletter twice a month and made Hawaiian name interpretation sites for people to share with their family and friends.  It didn't make me much money but introduced me to some wonderful people from all over our globe.  The eZine was authored by my mynahbird, Hugo.  It was a fun project that introduced many to the Hawaiian culture.  When my bird died, and shortly afterwards her pet cat, so did my passion for the project.  She was my inspiration.  What did I learn from that first website?  The value of contacts that look to you as an expert.  You see, I was their expert in all things Hawaiian.  Actually I still am for if I don't know the answer, I sure know where to find that answer. Yes, I made a little money from that adventure.  You see back then you could make money from people advertising in your eZine and banners on your site.  But the web changes daily as I am sure you know. I was also running a very successful offline business.  But it too was getting to me.  I started it so I could work for myself, set my own hours, sing all day, exercise and get paid for it.  Problem was it got so big with so many employees that I was thrown into management mode.  Not too much singing, a lot of supervising, tons of paperwork and the lack of exercise sent me to buy bigger clothes.   My solution?  Stop taking new clients.  Yes, I still have my offline business.  It is in the construction industry.  I have never advertised those services.  Clients came to me through word of mouth.&n

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