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Spending time with my incredible family! Traveling the world, MORE! Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, product creation. Whole foods, sustainable living, organic agriculture, permaculture. Vibrant health for my family- living as we were designed. Dance - wild, crazy latin/african/trance dance.

Dance, gourmet cooking, lounging by the pool, beachin, hiking, travelin. Oh yes, and working my business - Sponsoring Success LLC

Favorite Authors:
Would it be crazy to list a Raw Foods cookbook author? Life changing reading!

Favorite Quotes:
"Today I will do what others won’t, So tomorrow I can do what others can’t!”

Melanie Milletics

Internet Entrepreneur
Primary Company:  ViSalus Sciences
Other Company:  Sponsoring Success LLC
Industry:  Business Opportunities
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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About Me

Hello, I'm Melanie Milletics, an Internet Entrepreneur who has been working to integrate Internet Marketing and Network Marketing since 2001.

I employ a business model than enables me to easily sponsor hundreds of reps a year and acquire customers easily using a combination of expert offline marketing and Internet Marketing strategies.

I got my start in the industry in 2001 when I looked for a home based business that would enable me to raise my children without ever putting them into daycare. I became a master recruiter and an expert in online lead generation and since have received numerous accolades.

Most recently, I was featured in the Body By Vi Challenge issue of Success from Home Magazine for being a top Ambassador promoter in the launch of the Body By Vi Challenge.

My specialty is in utilizing list building to build a downline both online and off, stress free, based on my direct experiences in the industry.

If you seek to have a home based business that you can operate using just your computer and phone, pay close attention to this business model, and duplicate it.

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Guestbook Entries

Thanks Melanie Your Interview on your blog is dripping with great advice. Thanks
Hi Melanie. Thanks for the connection. I am so excited to see so many amazing people doing so many great things. You are truly one of those!
Hi Melanie, Thanks for accepting me into your network here at BN. Our paths keep crossing; must be that attraction marketing thing working....James
Hi Melanie, Thanks so much for connecting with me! I really enjoy your articles and blog posts and have learned a lot from you already! I look forward to getting to know you better! Jocelyn
What's up Melanie.... It's really cool to see you active in the forums. I'm thoroughly enjoying your input and perspective on everything. The ViSalus program looks pretty cool... glad to see it's going well for you - you look great! See ya in the trenches...
Comment by melaniemilletics
Hey Richard - just learned you aren't much older than me ;) . Seriously, appreciate your solid perspective as well.
Hi Melanie. Thanks for connecting with me. You are only the 3rd lady I have in my connections. I need to work on some more "Girl Power". Have a Great Day!
Hi Melanie- Have been reading and learning on your websites the last few days. Having some trouble figuring out exactly how to implement all I have learned the last few weeks through Renegade, Magnetic Sponsoring, etc. Do you do any type of personal coaching for individuals or teams?
Comment by melaniemilletics
Indeed I do - my team members all get my courses and coaching - thats how duplication works!
Melanie - thank you for accepting my 'friend relationship'connection. I am looking forward learning from you. Marianna
Hello Mellanie, I guess people here don't know a lot about you! Talk about a Guru, you help me big time and I thank you always! Your emails are reaching and teaching many and it is amazing to learn that(do you know how far your emails have gone?) Thanks a lot for your help!
Comment by melaniemilletics
Hi Ricardo! Thank you so very much. It is my desire to create more home business success stories, like YOU!
Melanie, Great video on the signature, and even though I didn't read the TV article, I'm sure that was awesome too (I don't watch TV, but I do see The Office on the net) Talk to you soon, Paul
Dan c wrote
great post on not watching tv. My digital recorder saves me time and money!