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One of many: "Find out what people want and help them get it."-Harry Browne

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During my childhood, I discovered something very interesting about myself. At any early age, when we were pre-teens, my sister and I were asked to help out in the children’s division at our church. Though we both were nervous at first, we soon discovered that helping and working with little ones was fun and we were happy to do it. I continue to do this years later.

As I grew older, this enjoyment of helping others, especially young people, guided me to become a licensed clinical social worker and behavior specialist for young people with developmental disabilities. While my job can be challenging, it also has great rewards when I see a young person make significant progress in their life.

Now, as someone who also is working from home part-time, as well as mentor and coach to those in mlm with Mentoring for Free, I joined this community to met friends, network, and share ideas. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them, however I can, reach their goals and dreams.

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Hi Monique, Thanks for connecting! How funny, that you mention you work with people with developmental disabilities. I also work as a Caseworker for people with developmental disabilities. I have been doing it for 12 years and LOVE my job! I know not many people can say that. But I truly believe that working in the Human Services field, I, of course, don't do it for the money. Network Marketing makes sense to me because I am still able to help others as well and to share tips and strategies with each other.
Hi Monique. Thanks for being a friend on the BN. I introduced my son into helping children when he was about 8-9 years old. We went to the children's hospital and he gave away many of his trophy dolls he won on contests for being the smallest birth weight. That experience has opened our eyes to helping others. We can learn a lot form each other here on the BN. I hope to hear more on your comments and thoughts of building a business by helping others.