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I'm interested in helping people get healthy by finding their exact nutritional needs, based on their DNA. I'm also interested in helping people get wealthy by introducing them to the network marketing industry. You can have both. Health and wealth.

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Michelle Moseley

Owner / Operator
Primary Company:  Avon Products, Inc
Other Company:  Affordable Hairstyling
Industry:  Personal Care
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hi there, my name is Michelle Moseley. I'm a cosmetologist as well as an Independent Representative for Avon. I love helping women look and feel great. As a cosmetologist for 20 years, I have spent a lot of time working with women's hair and skin. I have done countless perms, colors, cuts, facials, make overs, etc.

I was one of those kids who knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. From the time I was 8, I can remember telling my Mom. "when I grow up, I want to be a hairdresser". Funny though, I never had a "hair" doll or did much with my own hair (I have unruly, curly, thick, coarse hair) I had no clue how to control my own hair. It pretty much did whatever it wanted. I also grew up in a house where I was not allowed to wear make-up. I did not have my ears pierced until I was 17. It was a very strict upbringing. Not that I'm complaining. It's just how it was.

Somehow, I decided getting married was more important. At the young age of 18 I got married. I was a house wife. I did everything to make a happy, stress free home for my husband. We were blissfully happy. I had my first baby at 20 and I thought it couldn't get any better. I was a stay at home mom and loving it.

Once in a while, I would mention becoming a hairdresser, but my husband liked thing just the way they were, so I put it aside. I was happy enough, so I put it out of my head.

As often happens, he and I drifted apart and divorced. I decided to go to school for hair. I had a lot of help with my daughter and I went full time for 1 year. I got my license and went right to work for a local salon. I was in heaven. I loved working on peoples hair!!

I had a plan. I would work for someone for 5 years. Then I would find a small salon to buy and work for myself. Then in 5 more years, I would buy a house and put my salon right at home. Oh, the plans I made.

As is often the case, my plans fell through. After I worked for a salon for 13 months, my Mother called me one day to tell me about a salon for sale 35 miles from where I was currently living. I decided to go and check it out. My daughter was almost 5 and I decided that if I was going to make such a move, doing so before she started school was going to be the best move.

I made the jump. I bought the salon, 13 months after completing beauty school. I was 25 years old and scared out of my mind. That was in 1991.

Here it is, now, 2012 and I am still in business for myself. After renting a place for my salon for 5 years, I bought a small house and put my salon right there. I have worked at home now for 115 years. I absolutely love it!! I am such a home body.

My daughter is now 25 years old. I have met and married a wonderful man, (8 years now) and I am happy to report that "doing hair" is still my favorite thing to do. Helping women look great! Does it get any better that that? I think not!!!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to get to know me a little bit. I hope to meet you and get to know you as well. Take care.

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Hey Michelle!! Thanks so much for the message I hear you about the long cold winters.... It's like that here too! lol hope you have a great weekend Cassie
Hi Michelle, we have a great friend in common. It's Warren Little. It got to know him from the Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring Program. I've personally learned a lot from him.
Hmmm... thank you. What did you like... drwhitefield or Navigator :-) You can write to me at [email protected] Meanwhile, here are some great videos... http://www.arriveatsuccess.com/training
Thanks for commenting on my profile page. Yes I am an Unfranchiser. I am really excited because I know that online shopping is going to only increase and that positions us well. I should go to chatterbox more often. To many social networks and so little time... Rebecca YourStoryBrandPro.com
Michelle, Thanks for adding me as an up and coming friend. I have enjoyed reading what you have written. Keep it comming... Wishing you all the best for your future. Larry B.
Hey Michelle, Thanks for signing my guessbook. Look forward to networking with you. Hope you're having a wonderful day! Jason
Hello Michelle, Just dropping by to wish you and your family a meaningful Christmas. God bless you always. Jose
So nice to meet you Michelle. Hope your biz is going great! I'm one of those few lucky people with healthy, thick, naturally colored strawberry-blonde/gold hair and always look for the best in my shampoo and conditioners. I try to eat well, and try to avoid nasty chemicals. Also, interested in getting more omega 3 in my diet, what else do you suggest?
Michelle, I have no idea why your comment isn't there anymore I didn't remove it, that is so weird I wish I could remove some because that one is showing twice on my page I'll go into my profile and look for the msg. to be turned on I didn't know we could do that either, lol this site is so new to me I'm still learning lol.