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What Do You Want Most? Is it Money, Fame, Power, Contentment, Personality, Peace of Mind, Happiness?

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Mike Renville

Passionate About Empowering Others On The Internet - To Achieve Success
Primary Company:  Global Domains International, Inc
Other Company:  Net-Automated-Marketing.Com
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hi Friends,

I am an Avid Internet Marketer. I really just love meeting new people and helping them to understand the internet. It is an amazing place to learn new skills, especially today.

I take great pride in empowering other people to succeed. That is where the real gift is for me.

I look forward to meeting everyone here and I hope that we can create a very prosperous relationship together. I Love training people and I have a special knack for helping people understand the principles of Internet Marketing...

Marketing can be very daunting and overwhelming, which often leads to frustration and people eventually end up just not trying. With just a little bit of help and a push in the right direction many people can overcome this and see success fairly easily.

This is what I do.


Mike Renville

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Thank You So Much for Accepting my Friend Request.

I look forward to getting to know you here on Better Networker.

I truly believe the power in Team Work and Personal Empowerment.


Hi Mike. Thanks for adding me as your friend.I am looking forward to getting to know you and gain some valuable information from you as I just begun my new networking company bonvoyage1000.com/traveller and I would really appreciate all the help on how I can grow my business. Sincerely Divya
Hi Mike, Just stopping by to wish you a great weekend and may God bless you in all you do my friend!
So great to connect with you here! I look forward to your posts and would love for you to give me feedback on mine! Make it a great day!
Thanks for adding me as a friend as well as your comment. Look forward to connecting with you more! Much success, Larry
How are you Mike? How do you find swom, have you made any worthwhile connections. I would be surprised if you haven't found a few. Not sure why you don't consider the gold upgrade as it is another chance at an extra income stream for you and any you might recommend. Hope you're swomming has been pleasant and I wish you all the best. Have a great fun filled prosperous day?
Comment by mrenville
Thanks Richard
Hi Mike, Thanks for your friendship add...I'm looking forward to getting to know you and exchange valuable information and cool Ideas to help each other grow. Keep Shining and talk soon! Loetta Paulsen 425.760.7421 http://LoettaPaulsen.com
Comment by mrenville
Hi Loetta, thankyou for responding! I value my friendships with like minded people!!
Hi Mike, thanks for adding me as a friend. I look forward to networking with you. Sincerely, Joyce
Comment by mrenville
Hi Joyce, thank you for connecting! Please do keep in touch!
Hi Mike, Richard here. Just wanted to touch base and thank you for being a friend. My quest is to find interested people such as yourself, for a long term beneficial project I plan to launch in the not too distant future. Have a great fun filled prosperous day! Rick http://hotshorturl.com/abo67
Comment by mrenville
Hi Richard, Please do keep me in mind! thanks for touching base! I signed up for swom under your link!