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Military, Network Marketing, Music, Family (No order of precedence)

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Biblical Authors, Napoleon Hill, T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki

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Michael Kane

Champion With Vision
Primary Company:  5LINX
Other Company:  Centurion Telecom Services
Industry:  Telecommunications
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Network Marketer within the Communications Arena; Married with a supportive family. Infantry Officer in the Virginia Army National Guard, Iraq Veteran. Working towards continous growth within network marketing and networking with champions from all over the world.

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My Location:  Alexandria, Virginia
United States

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Hi Mike Thank you for the friend invitation :-) As a newbie to the community, I appreciate it. Looking forward to reading your articles! ciao Kisane
Comment by mikekane
Thank you for your comment on Matt's Forum question! Australia, huh? Always wanted to go there!
Hi Michael, Thanks for accepting my request to connect. This is a snow-covered hello from the UK (this snow stuff is a bit of a novelty around our parts!) I had a cousin who went to VMI and did several tours in Iraq. I did my service in the British Royal Air Force in Chinooks. There's a lot of us ex Forces people around! Looking forward to sharing experiences and learning. Have a great week. Cheers Martin
Comment by mikekane
Hello Martin! Good to hear from a fellow coalition trooper!
Hi Mike, Saw your post on "Do we Make MLM harder...! Gret simple post, I am glad you left a back door to the corporate world. With America downsising with a quickness, More Corp. Exacs. are joining the industry. And in many applications, the Corp Biz. Model applies to this industry. My favorite is On the Job Training. We put newbies right to work, just like in a real job b/c this is a real job, not a hobby. Simple tasks, real results. People need to Know, fast, They CAN do it. We hope to connect with you ASAP, to share concepts, Marketing Strategies, Treianing methods. to our mutual GAin. Have a great Hiliday. 2009, looks great from here. Tom Savas, Dir. Gain Consulting group, LLC.
Hey hey Hey Michael Tim Burns and Kevin Brake are good Friends of Mine They Can really help you. Save you years of Faiure and frustration in this Industry. So glad we can meet here. Please ad me to your Skype if you want juanita.waterman Your Friend for Life Juanita Waterman
Hi, Michael.... My father is a retired Lt. Colonel.... Good to see you here on BetterNetworker. Thank you for accepting my friend request!
Comment by mikekane
God Bless him for his service! I'm glad to be a BetterNetworker!
I was that which others did not want to be... Lead the way. Queen of Battle. CIB, EIB, Air Assault Jungle School Desert School DMZ
Comment by mikekane
Follow Me, Ranger!
Hi Michael, and welcome to BetterNetworker, many people find this site very useful. For me, I am always pleased to meet people with the same mindset! Many people in network marketing have lost money, and most people don’t make what they dream about. Have you ever wonder why one person succeeds and another fails in MLM? The reality is that 97% of those who start an MLM business will not succeed. The foundation for long-term success was missing. Build on solid ground - Read More All the best Søren Egstrup Copenhagen - Denmark
Comment by mikekane
Hey Soren, I didn't forget you! I've just been soaking up all this great knowledge! thanks for being a friend!
Hi Michael, Welcome to the Better Networker. I want to thank you for accepting my request for friendship and more importantly thank you for serving our country. I think you will find the sharing of information on this site helpful in expanding your business. If i can help you please feel free to call or e-mail me. Good Luck and God Bless You, Timothy C Burns 847-912-2354 anytime
Comment by mikekane
Thanks Timothy for the 5 Pillars info! God Bless You also!