Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all. ~Thomas Carlyle via BetterNetworker


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Mitchell Dillman

Cheif Operations Officer, Furniture Maker, Spokesperson and Marketing Guy
Primary Company:  GVO Hosting
Other Company:  Colorado Rock-n-Logs, Inc.
Industry:  Environment
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Wasteful Home Builder Turns Green Home Business Builder

As a youth growing up on the fringes of the political arena I was introduced to public service and leadership skills at an early age. After spending several years out of High School competing as a triathlete, starving as an artist, and working construction I realized the need to further my education. Framing my way through College, I graduated with a degree in Communications. This then led me into the direct sales of several products and services including motivational seminars and sales training. 

My creative side, a love for the outdoors and a desire to be my own boss led me back to construction where I have spent the past 17+ years operating my own residential contracting business. Recently, with the decline in the building industry and the introduction of more and more innovative, environmentally friendly products I have started a new business. Also, realizing our misuse of our natural resources, and the need for more awareness in this area, I founded The Pikes Peak Green Team, an educational platform designed to bring attention to this important initiative. There is a growing need for leadership in this area and I am here to fill this void by mentoring others on ways to attain personal success and financial freedom through the ownership of their own environmentally friendly home businesses while educating them on and promoting sustainability world wide.
As a new and growing business I am actively seeking other like minded individuals who also possess strong leadership skills and believe the time is now to make a difference in our environment. As time is one of our most valuable assets it is only with more people that we can effectively help bring awareness to this ever growing world wide catastrophe in the

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My Location:  Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Thanks for the friendship. It’s amazing I meet great people on here everyday. As you sit there and read this you’re probably thinking how true this is. Everyone that I’ve met on here are here to network, so imagine what it would be like if you knew exactly what everyone was really thinking? That would be really cool, right? Would it be OK if I shared a free eBook with you that explains why people do the things they do? If you are interested then check out my profile page. To your Success,
Hello Mitchell, Very nice about me wright up. Thank you so much for sharing. We believe it is very important for people to get to know each other. We can tell that you are a student and teacher on the know like and trust factors. So again we commend you and look forward to sharing and learning. Have a Great and Blessed Day, Danny & Laura
Great to connect on BN Mitchell! Thanks for your valuable content and your enthusiasm! Keep it up! Stacia
Hey Mitchell - I am glad to see that we have a lot in common. I look forward in getting to know you even better. To SUCCESS! Thomas C. Chandler
Hey Mitchell, Thanks for connecting. I wish you all the best buddy. Wayne Vassell, signing out...
Great article on recent spam issues; way to get your name in front of so many people. It's pleasure to meet you, Mitchell and look forward to seeing more good stuff from you. Best, Ana Hoffman/YourNetBiz Attraction Marketing Cafe
Dillman - You are a tremendous addition to the Movement here at BetterNetworker. Your Articles are packing powerful punches for those that can take the pressure! 20+ years of professional experience in several leading industries has given you perspectives that few obtain over an entire lifetime. Thank you sincerely for your valuable Contributions, my Friend. Your work is knowledgeable, entertaining and revolutionary. MARK : LARSON | Long Beach WA | USA
Hi Mitchell, I'm glad to be your friend. I'm inspired by your zeal for life and your skill in speaking motivating, witty words. Congratulations on growing so fast in this industry.
Mitchell, You will be on stage very very soon!! Thanks for all you do! Bud Gragg
Hey Mitchell. Once again you have delivered some great reading material. I love reading your stories, visions and new outlook on life. You inspire me to get out their and go for it. Thanks for all your great material. Mark Gorman
Hey Mitchell, Thanks again for adding me to your contacts here on BN! I look forward to networking with you on this awesome network Mike Dillard setup!! If you had a chance to look, I hope the free marketing info on my website was helpful to you. Please feel free to pick my brain anytime for marketing ideas. Your BN friend, Cliff Covill. Here is a pretty cool personalized & animated video I thought you might find entertaining.
Hi Mitchell. I want to welcome you to Betternetworker. There are many supportive people here who are willing to share their wealth of information and years of experience which will be a benefit to you and your business. A FREE ebook is available at my profile under any of the websites listed. Welcome and thank you for becoming my friend. David
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David, thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to great things, both here at BN and with my new business. Thanks Again, mlD