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It has been over one year since I was first introduced to network marketing. At the time in which I was first introduced to the concept, I had no idea of what it truly meant. I just knew that my mentor, Dale Moreau, knew this business inside and out and I was going to listen to him.

Now, over one year later I have achieved "living the dream." I know I can achieve anything. I am living large and loving life. My financial problems have been solved and I have real freedom - freedom to live as I please under a proper authority which gives me the ability to achieve success.

I am here for you and will give my all to you so that you will achieve the success of which I have achieved. I look forward to us working together no matter what MLM or Network Marketing company to which you belong.

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MLM Outlaws

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Hey Tim, Thanks for the great advise on building an eBook. I hope you do well on all your future postings. -Paul S
Looks like you are a celebrity here- with the most points in the community! You also have the same name as my sponsor! Keep up the great work! Wishing you life's best, Melanie Milletics http://www.sponsoringsuccess.com
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I am unable to send you a message but I would love for you to contact me. I learned so much from your video. My phone number is on my profile. Can you call me?
Look forward to reading more of your awesome articles. Juanita Waterman
Hi Mr. Miller I sent u request which u did not accept. I know u may not know me in person but we r co-workers n u r one of role models. I am a member of Traverus.
Comment by MLMKing508
Hi Tamara....call me Tim and I don't remember denying you a friend request which is not my style....what can I do for you?......
Good work in here. Great articles you write. Lets talk sometime soon. You may want to get in front of this wave coming :)
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Welcome, Tim! I just wanted to wish you welcome to our Magnetic Sponsoring / Better Networker Community! I’m sure you’re going to love it -- as we all do! I’ve been a member for a while and I can honestly tell you this is one of the BEST places for networking I’ve come across. The fact that Mike & Co JUST gave the site a complete makeover is also super-exciting…doesn’t the site look great? J If there’s anything I can help you with, let me know! Enjoy the site, and happy marketing! Lena PS: Are you using MySpace yet to network for your business? It’s a GREAT place to make contacts and meet serious entrepreneurs, and get lots of FREE leads for your biz! (If you have a profile there already, be sure to add me as a friend: myspace.com/lenabjorna.) See you there!