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Chris blogged about: How Target stores build their list 3 years ago
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Hi Kevin, Garry Worger, from Canada here. Thanks for being my “friend” on BetterNetworker... a super resource for those “working” MLM. I’ve been surprised and touched by the level of caring, concern, and assistance I’ve found here. My "mission" is to give back that support. I’ve been in the industry 35 years; it has been a slow learning experience! Truthfully, though, I have learned MORE, lately, working with people on BN, than in the previous 3.5 decades! Listen, Kevin, no matter how our BN connection works out, you should know I'm here to help... as you need or want. I work closely with a team committed to helping you succeed. It’s so important to have an experienced mastermind group surrounding you at all times, isn’t it? By the way, here’s the team’s philosophy: “If It’s Worth Knowing… It Should Be Free to All!” Got questions? Ideas to discuss? Just contact me, best done through Private Messages. Not sure how? Ask me, and I’ll send a draft of my “How To Use BN” ebook which details (among other things) “How To Use Private Messages”. What do you enjoy doing Kevin? Done a lot of traveling? Do you have pictures of OOPS! ? Just where are you from… nothing in your profile? Check out my new grandson on my profile! There, you’ll see some exceptional no-cost links: “Lies My Upline Told Me”, “94 Pages to Success”, and “Home Business Mentors”. Some people think these are the greatest resources ever… but some don’t. Click the links because you’ll find out for yourself Kevin! Warmest regards, Garry Worger (+1) 403 456 7594 p.s. Kevin, by the way… if you want to “hook up” with someone as you pursue your opportunity… give me a call… we can find and share information as we work through this “secure income” together.
Hello Kevin, Paul Murphy here from NW Arkansas, thanks for adding me to your friends list here on BNW! The few months I've been here I've made some awesome lifetime friendships, many contacts and relationships to be had by just networking with the brilliant people here! Please feel free to visit my profile page, and my photo gallery, make sure to click on the photo to read the captions! There are some links to free education on what works and what doesn't work in today's competitive industry. I'd appreciate any feedback and comments you can give me on my content here Kevin! A tip for you, go back into your account settings and activate your private message options, so you can communicate more effectively with the fine people here on BNW. To your Success and Prosperity! Paul