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I am married to Tracy and live Phoenix, AZ, having moved from the very south of the UK, near Southampton (member of the <a href="">UK Networkers Inc Group</a>). We've been involved in network marketing since 2001.

I'm an engineer by training, and now mostly work with individuals and organisations to enhance their business performance. I'm exploring the links between traditional business organisations and models and network marketing - what can individuals operating as network marketers learn from 'the big boys' and vice versa. These are rich & fertile grounds for new solutions to old problems as well as solutions to new problems.

A more business-oriented Bio is posted right at the end of this, so if that's where your first interest is with my bio, scroll down there now!

I have extensive experience in the big corporate world in continuous improvement and leadership development - I spent 5 years in the British Royal Air Force managing ground-based training for helicopter aircrew, and driving the Human Factors Flight Safety Programme in to the front line squadrons. During my time I also overhauled the approach to on-going leadership development 'at the front line' so to speak - happy, challenging days!

Since then I've worked all over the world with big corporates as well as 1 person home based businesses, focusing on business performance and growth.

What drives me is helping people and organisations make informed decisions so they are more likely to take decisions that lead to success for them.

Tracy & I had fairly typical, and bad, experiences with MLM before we had the breakthroughs that put us on the path to our success in life. We're still on that journey, and expect (hope!) to be for the rest of the lives.

I'm looking forward to learning, contributing and just 'hanging out'!


A little bit more about me - I enjoy flying and all things that do fly - artificial and natural! I love rugby (yeah - the Six Nations Tournament starts this coming Saturday - sorry Tracy!) and I'm active in my local community, chairman of the local Round Table group providing support to local needy causes. We've supported recently a local emergency care baby unit after one of our nuber had his first child born 11 weeks early - little Zack was very ill, and though he's now diagnosed with Cereberal Palsy he's doing great. We've supported the local Young Carers group - Young carers are kids under the age of 18 who are the primary carer in their family - they may have a parent or sibling who is needy - illness and/or substance-dependent - almost every story is a tragic one - we gave their center a make-vover - new windows, new computers, redecorated, etc. I also youn lads who need help in socialising - I just love it.

Tracy and I have 3 dogs and a rabbit but no kids - we can't as Tracy has suffered very bad endometriosis and after the 3rd bout of major surgery which should have been 90 minutes long but became almost 7 hours due to major complications we've accepted that we can't have them naturally, so now we're looking at adoption - exciting stuff!

Tracy is a medical secretary working with a consultant haematologist, and very good at it. She's my best buddy and my biggest fan, and I have to say I'm her biggest (literally!) fan.

We have both travelled extensively around the world, and just love connecting with other cultures.

One vice we both have is for potato chips and chocolate - in any form!





A more 'business-oriented' bio...


I help business managers and operators take informed decisions so they can enhance the performance of their operations.


With corporations this tends to focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operations (e.g. sales & logistics) AND teamworking, so I apply appropriate methods from the fields of continuous improvement and leadership & psychology.


With smaller operations, typically home-based businesses such as internet marketing and network marketing or multi-level marketing operations I help these individuals achieve the breakthrough they're looking for - enough income to survive, and the sustained growth over time.


There's a lot of cross-over! I find corporates can learn from the experiences of the home-based operations, and vice-versa.


So I guess my original posting here still holds, and I've kept some of it below to provide more 'flavour' - it's got a corporate focus.


More recently I've been promoting my Network Marketing Manifesto, a freely downloadable resource designed to educate potential and new entrants to network marketing and working from home, to educate about the major obstacles to success and the many lies & myths that exist about this industry.



I help managers eliminate their performance frustrations.


Problem – how to continue performing at higher and higher levels in a very competitive environment and where the squeeze on resources seems relentless?


Solution – tackle the root causes of performance issues before they get too big, so the issues are unlikely to come back.


Barriers to moving from problem to solution – managers & their teams feel they don't have time & resources needed, or not have all the skills needed, or lack sense of hope they can make a difference as past attempts failed or added to pressures they're under.


Overcoming these barriers – as a team, tackle small & important performance issue, use external facilitator to get appropriate clarity & focus & inject needed knowledge and skills. This quickly resolves performance issue once and for all. Use time saved and hope generated by this experience to tackle additional performance issues one at a time. Make this approach part of ‘business as usual’.


Why me? – my track record of success(*) and adding value speaks for itself. Uniquely, I can help you tackle both the process and the people aspects of performance issues. Typically my competitors will help with one or the other but not both. The extra benefits my approach brings is faster resolution, greater levels of buy-in, morale and hope in the team, plus a quicker uptake of the core capabilities for improving performance – so they can do this with minimal continuing support from me or others.


(*) Track Record - some examples...


- reduced call volumes in a call centre by 50% (approx 100K calls per week) - eliminating the non-value calls (from customer & client perspective) saving approx 90 posts ($2M annual wages).


- saved >$1.3M in annual recruitment costs by reducing employee attrition during first 12 months employee is with organisation.


- saved >$1M in annual equipment & cargo damage costs at a port logistics facility


- linked 'soft skills' training to bottom line


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Just stopped by to say "hi". I haven't forgotten about you. Did you complete the project that you committed to a couple of months ago? I would still like to talk with you. I'll try calling you tomorrow...that is Weds. Continue to Be the Leader You Were Created to Be! Lidie
Hi Martin, You're quite welcome and thank you as well. I'm glad you had a chance to sample our culture. Now that we are her together please stay in touch, and if you ever plan to take another jaunt to Bali, you and your wife and family are more than welcome to stay with us! Wish you all the best days ahead and stay well! Warmest Regards, Humph
Hi Martin, Very interesting article and SEO. Thanks for the value you have provided. Look forward to implementing your stuff... Ciao for now, Dino
Hi Martin, I was talking to a guy who downloaded the free e-book “Success In 10 Steps”. HIS ex spouse told him he probably was being a little unrealistic (not her exact words, but that’s the gist) pinning his future financial hopes on a company that promised him: - He wouldn’t have to work - it would all be done for him. - He wouldn’t have to actually deal with and recruit any yucky people – his group would be built automatically through “spillover.” - He wouldn’t have to sell – his people who spilled over would do that. - He could get rich just by clicking his mouse. And other than that, all he’d have to do is deposit the checks! Blessing, Soren Egstrup
Hello Martin: Thanks for accepting my friend request on Better Networker. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Sincerely Lawrence Bergfeld
Thanks for stopping by my guestbook Martin. Iam going to read your N.M manifesto, as iam interested in other peoples views and idea's. You may like to checkout this ebook The Fourth Generation path To freedom It is an affiliate link. However the ebook is free to download. Regards Bruce
Hi Martin' Welcome! I think that you will find many similarities between Brick and mortar businesses and MLM. People motivation and development is about the same in both worlds and as always many need help in those areas. Follow the rules, don't get on the bad side of "Carl The Cop". To learn the "ground rules visit If I can help you contact me. APPLY YOURSELF…the world is within your grasp. “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”…Thomas Jefferson… From The Heart Elwood
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Hye Hey hey Any friend of Tim Burns is a friend of mine. Look forward to talking to you. Your Friend for LIFE Juanita Waterman
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Thanks Juanita! I'm sure Tim appreciates the sentiment! Have a good one...
G'day Martin, Very pleased to connect with someone of so much real life experiences as read in your profile. It's very interesting the choices we have and the decisions we make in life especially to discover where those decisions take us. I'm writing this from onboard a seismic research vessel off the coast of New Orleans ..... which is half a world away from where I was born and grew up. Anyway, I definitely own the decisions I've made in my life so far and have, like yourself, had a great time inbetween. I hope to read more of your experiences and maybe I should blog about mine as well. Have Yourself a Great Day. cheers, Steve
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Thanks for stopping by Steve, and please, blog! Blog from the Gulf off New Orleans - I'm sure it will be inspiring! Go for it!
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Ron
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Gidday Martin, You Posted on my Guestbook..(To Elwood) oversite on your part probably got my link from Elwoods site.No Harm done as long as it was me that you were meant to be posting on.. Have a great 2009, Kindest regards, wayne Iremonger
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D'Oh! Thanks Wayne for stopping by and have a great 2009 also!
Hi Martin, I tried responding to you guestbook entry on my profile, but ran out of allowed space :) First of all, what a question. What are my garden plans. Always a work in progress. Every year I grow LOTS of vegetables, of many different varieties. (in fact, tonight I am cooking a meal that almost completely comes from my garden, excluding cheese, cream cheese, flour, salt and pepper.) Other than the usual veggie garden, I always grow some flowering plants that act to attract pollinators and beneficial insects. I garden all organic, no pesticides or chemicals allowed. In addition, this year I plan to get plenty of fruit trees and berry bushes in the ground. I have been nursing them along in containers, and it is time for them to graduate! They will be happy no doubt. Yesterday I planted onion seeds. It is the time to get them started in this part of the world, and I do LOVE onions! Boel
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So true Boel - nothing like home grown veg! Enjoy! We used to have a large veg plot many moons ago - lovely!
Thanks for the invite, it is nice to meet you. Have a great Day... Marty The FlowChart To Wealth System
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Thanks! Flowchart to wealth system sounds interesting - looking forward to learning more!
Hi Martin Thanks for the welcome. Look forward to learning about new ideas to grow my business here and make friends along the way. Leonie
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Hey Leonie - you're welcome! Look forward to seeing you around. Follow me at
Hi Martin, Thanks for the friend request. It's wonderful when moving into a new neighborhood that your neighbors reach out. I am still learning; however, if there is anything I can assist you with, please let me know. I invite you to join me @ & Abundant blessings, Pamela
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Your welcome - following you on twitter - follow me at
Hi Martin, Thanks for the friend request and welcome to BN! If there is anything that I can do for you please feel free to contact me. I am here to help you in anyway that I can. Have a great day! Lidie
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Hi Martin Thank you for the connection, did you survive the snow in the UK today? Looking forward to reading more of your posts & comments
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Hi Peter - we're all snowed out here at home, for the moment! Have a great day, follow me at
Hello Martin, I did not know that you were a military man. From what you have told me, your job seems very interesting as well. I've always wanted to fly, but not as a fighter pilot. The idea of having missiles chasing me did not suit me very well. Thanks for the guestbook entry. Best wishes to you, Alfonzo Gasaway II
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Thanks Alfonzo - you're welcome. I don't do missiles either! Follow me on sometime. Be excellen
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