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Well I kinda have a long story, so, here goes........For 22 years I was in the 12volt industry (car audio) and most of those years I was a manager; for the last 4 years a G.M . that store went belly up on Dec. 18,2006 (and that is when they told me; great X-mas gift) I live in Northern California (2 hrs south of Oregon) and we do not have a abundance of car audio shops up here, besides the fact that sales are slow (people aren't exactly tripping over themselves to buy a new stereo) I think the internet had alot to do with that, you can get better deals online, not that shops rip you off, it is just plain and simple cut throat. So, in January I walked into a Service Manager position at the biggest boat dealership up here ( I did stereo work for them at my shop so, I had a relationship). Also, as a side bar I have been in college for 2 years going for my BA in Business. Then on April 25th 0f 07, I had a stroke and was in the hospital for 3 mo. When I was medically released in Oct. I went back to work at the boat dealer ship, the only thing affected by my stroke was my speech, and I get tremors every once in a while; I got lucky. Well, the owner started pulling some disabled B.S. on me and we kinda had a falling out (to make a real long story short).
I happened to have some money to invest so I invested in Coastal Synergy Group "CSG" (now it is just Coastal Club Vacations, the people that owened "Synergy" thought it would be smart to go on their own) and started my own venture ( I was really skeptical) CSG did good for me the first month ( I made my normal wage, but was not breaking the bank) I found that it was hard for me to talk to people (stroke) people could not relate to my speech ,I sound drunk, and it is kinda hard for me to talk.

After doing some research I found The Coastal Closers , they do the calling for me, I just do the advertising Veretekk & free classifieds & a bunch of other advertising, and keep leads in my back office for them to work with . I am still not a millionaire but I am on my way to the best year I have ever had and my wife and I can travel for pennies ( I already made a reservation in Cancun) I was making 37,000 a year. I did a lot of research and trials and errors for me to get this far.

I was involved with Veretekk but just could not figure it out, I kinda got it but not really. "$200 a day blueprint" came along after doing my reading and research, I saw that they in their own way teach you how to use Veretekk, important for me to figure out (so I could advertise Coastal) but found they also have a great money making opp. My wife is in the middle of building our website and "$200 / Masters " has some great tips that we can use. The support of the $200 community is second to none.

My wife is on the staff of The Coastal Closers which makes it a win, win, win !

Veretekk is key, it is a very powerful system, once you have it figured out. I also have some very helpful and knowledgeable people in my pocket (which helps ) ...

I am the most skeptical guy I know, and these 3 businesses have a few people working them .. around 1500 (well over 4000 in CSG ) in The Coastal Closers , and around 500 in $200 .... I talk to alot of people and there is no way they are all liars... That being said, I myself am making money. I like them all , "Coastal" I can travel all over for pennies and make money, "$200 a day" helpes me make money using those tools (and makes decent residual income)

Go to my sites and check them out and ask any questions you might have, I have the answer or I can get it.

Regards !

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