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Greetings and Welcome to my site…. Please feel free to look around

Let me introduce myself..... I am Njideka ”Queen of StressFree Living” Olatunde, a renowned Health and Wealth Strategist, Author, Radio Host, Consultant, and Professional Speaker. I am a leading expert on the subject of stress management and the integration of health and wealth for optimum wellness. My passion in life is helping families “Pass On Generational Health and Wealth” instead of generational illness and poverty.
Type of business: Health and Wealth Consultant & Educator
What does your business do?
We are in the business of working with families to provide them with the tools, resources and support services needed to help them build a Family Legacy of Passing On Generational Health and Wealth instead of generational illness and poverty.
Why did you start the biz and when did your business open?
On April 4, 1985 I founded Focus On Healing to provide information on alternative/complementary healthcare services, programs, and practitioners to the community. My goal was to help individuals move away from the emergency room care with preventive healthcare approaches. Doing this time our services were not covered by insurance and was paid for out-of-pocket. Realizing that I had the cart before the horse, in August 2000 I founded Financial Empowerment Services to teach my clients how to improve their monthly cashflow to cover the cost of preventive approaches to healthcare and wellness. Our business motto is "Health Is Wealth and Wealth Is Health" and it is your birthright to have both. The two businesses together reflect and support this motto.
What's your office location like?
I began my business in my home. I have leased office spaced and decided to return home. I have a home office set-up specifically for the administrative side of my business. My home office space is very serene with live plants environmentally friendly products and office equipment. Soothing relaxing music is always played throughout the day. I rent space to hold my classes usually in a senior citizen center for my reflexology certification classes. When the students are doing their reflexology practicum they practice on the senior citizens.  My other classes are on conducted online through TeleSeminars.
What's the toughest part of running your biz?
The toughest part of running my business is the promotion of my concept as it relates to the integration of health and wealth in making life style changes for optimum wellness. In short marketing and promoting my business for continued growth. Learning how to find the right people, to delegate tasks to so you can free up some time to do other things.
What's the most fun part?
The most fun part of my business is seeing the smiles and happiness on the faces of the many clients who have received my services. I also love to research and gather helpful information that can be shared with clients. I am in the business of helping people find healthy solutions to the stress in their lives.
Anything you would have done differently?
When I first started my business I would not have immediately left my job without having the capitol needed to support me doing the growing periods of my business. I was fortunate to start my business when it was a cash society and you were able to negotiate and operate with less restrictions and time line pressures. I would have delegated the things I did want to do to people who love doing it. I would have put together a working budget to accommodate the growth needs and expenses of my business instead of paying as I go along.
Explain what's next on the horizon for you and your business?
It is passion to pass on the business baton to the next generation of future leaders, teachers, and healers age 14 to 18. I have always loved teaching young people the art of reflexology and seat massage. I am looking for like-minded people who are interested in passing on their healing art to young people to join me in creating a training center. I want to introduce young people to the skills, tools, and resources they can use to improve and maintain optimum health and wealth in their lives.
What advice do you have for others?
My advice to everyone who has a dream, vision or desire is to go for it no matter what. There will be set backs, detours, and mistakes you must see them as life lessons on your journey to success. The day you decided to start your own business was the day you opened yourself to becoming the man or woman you were created to become. Always remember your business is an extension of you, it is your baby.  If you want your business {baby} to produce fruits it must be nurtured, loved and financially supported.
How do you use BetterNetworker to help with your biz or sanity?
It is my desire to use  to meet “Like Minded” progressive people on a mission to leave a legacy of making a contribution for the betterment of their family, community and the world. I want to involve myself with members here who want to work with me so together we can create “win-win” opportunities and solutions that will help each of us achieve our business goals and objectives.
What person or event in your life led you to go into business for yourself?
I attended a motivational workshop with Les Brown who spoke about Living Your Dreams. I accepted the challenge and have been pursuing my dream every day.
Anyone you publicly want to thank?
I "Give Thanks" to Cathy Hughes founder of Radio One who gave me and my business my first media introduction that has opened many doors. I am so thankful for my soul mate and best friend Shabaka J-El who has been in my corner non-stop encouraging and supporting me. To my son, Ronald who is the inspiration behind the business and knows the business inside and out.

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Business websites:
www.focusonhealing.com   www.thehealthwealthconnection.com  www.financiallyflowing.com
Profession/Career websites:
www.theprosperitymessenger.com   www.blogtalkradio.com/WellnessExperience
Blog websites:
www.prosperitymentor.wordpress.com/ www.thequeenofstressfreeliving.blogspot.com/      www.theprosperitymessenger.ireporter.tv
Affliate websites
www.realsolutions.magneticsponsoringonline.com     www.realsolutions.buildingonabudget.com/
www.speakersgetpaid.com      www.Iamabusinessowner.com  
www.simplerefer.com/nnofes   www.thecreditreality.com   www.magic.sitesell.com/nnofes.html
Social Network website:
LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/njidekanolatunde
Facebook: www.new.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=1184617370&ref=profile

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Njideka "Queen of StressFree Living" Olatunde

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