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Since I spent four weeks in a coma, my perception of life kind of changed. I have less patience than I did and less than I would have had I not suffered a brain injury.

When Comcast failed to keep the appointment for service I had scheduled a week earlier, I was livid and went to my arsenal of weapons. I knew the best thing I could do was blast my experience all over the internet, and I did just that.

Within hours, the Vice-president of Customer Satistfaction called me. I realized what a powerful tool social networks could be for business, and I ultimately forced Comcast onto the social web. Now they serve problems on the social web, and I help them with that.

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I'm sort of new to multi-level-marketing, but I have vast experience writing and editing for businesses -- from marketing collateral to to web page copy to blog posts -- I can and will do it all! Just leave me your name, phone number, website url, and business venture, and I'll be happy to get back to you ASAP.

I really appreciate you joining my circle of friends. Mark. I have spent considerable time in the Network Marketing industry, experiencing a lot of frustration and lack of real support. Then I came across the Mentoring for Free system. If you too would like to move your business to a different level, please go to the info section of my profile, there you can download the free e-book. Best regards Kim Egstrup
rc rc wrote
Hi Mark Thanks for accepting my invite to connect. Glad to have you on board. You will find we are many of us networkers looking to improve our lifestyles and also support others in their dreams and success. Mentoring for Free has been very helpful for me to get focussed and make progress in one direction. Until then I was online each day but going in circles. This is certainly not something to be done in isolation. Being in a support group is so much more fun and also more productive. All the best to you. Rachel Cormier Mission BC Canada
Hello Mark, Patience is a virtue, but hunger is the fuel for success! Paul Murphy here from NW Arkansas to thank you for adding me as a friend on BNW! This is the best site I've found to make contacts, build friendships and relationships world wide, the few months I've been here have prospered me tremendously that way... If you have a moment Mark, visit my profile, as there are some great free links as to whats working and not working in todays industry, plus any comments you make on my content would be so appreciated! Have a look at my photo gallery to see pics of my latest and greatest adventures... Here's a tip for you Mark, go to your account settings and activate you private message option, so you can communicate freely with all the good folks here on BNW. To your Success and Prosperity, Paul