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Born and raised as Stephen Allen Sykes Jr. in the Providence, Rhode Island area: February 25th, 1981. 

 I grew up in a mixed neighborhood of all backgrounds, walks of life, and was fortunate enough to have a next door neighbor that pretty much set the stage for the growth of my mind at the age of 6. Little did I know it would of all lead up to what created the entrepreneurial mind set that I now embrace.

 School For Me:

 School for me was always a fun and challenging experience in that I was a very fast and articulate learner at such a young age, but the ups were far and few between as compared to the downs. I was that typical knew-it-all student that always had the answers and was highly enthusiastic when it came to blurting out the answers and getting myself into more trouble than it was worth. It lead me down a path of discouragement, setting my head down in the back of classrooms, doodling fascinating mythical beings that came to mind, and pretty much ignoring school altogether.

 I was a straight A and B student for the first and second quarters. . . .

 but that was about it.


Determining Myself as an Action Taker:

It didn't take long before I realized that school was not what I wanted out of life, and while even to this day I highly value the education that I recieved, I knew there were modes of higher education out there. I was too ambitious, driven, and ready to act to be slowed down by our archaic educational system. I opted out, drove on to get my G.E.D. and applied myself with the United States Army which proved to reveal even more profound facets of my character.


The War on Terror:

In the year 2004 I recieved my orders to do the whole Operation Enduring Freedom gig, enjoyed it - drowned myself in a lot of books, and started to shape my psyche even more so with understanding the world around me. I recieved my Certified Fitness Trainers license by way of International Sports Science Association and soon learned that my passion for fitness outweighted my desire to use it as a vehicle for generating an income. Tossed the idea aside, retained the knowledge - and began doing fitness training free of cost given my passion for just seeing people achieving their fitness goals.


Out of the Army:

In 2005 I ETS'd out of the United States Army ( Honorably Discharged / Left ) to start a life for myself out in Jacksonville, FL. I took a one year break from the world, up until 2006, allowing my investments and saved monies disappear from under me. A vacation that was much neccessary at the point in time. The whole military- to -civilian transition took quite a bit of work, but finally got myself back in gear and pressed on to go to College for several different areas of study. My latest trend had me heading down the path to become a Pharmacist, till I started to " wake up "


The Entrepreneur Within Me Awakened:

In the past 10 years I had been deeply involved in computers, MMO's (Massively Multiplayer Online Games eg: World of Warcraft, etc ) and was able to leverage some of my insight, psychology, and hard earned philosophies built there of the actual player base, and found a lot of profitability in that area, and was able to bounce several ideas off of other major movers in the field to develop some programs that were easily sellable ideas. It was then that I realized that my brain alone was quite capable of producing me far more income than I could of ever fathomed making as a Pharmacist in a Billion Dollar Industry, getting paid... peanuts. I suppose in any educational program you get a degree to continue to effectively be an employee for some " industry / or firm "

 It was then that I knew first hand that I had to work for myself. . .


Which is what brings me here to Magnetic Sponsoring, Carbon Copy Pro, Wealth Master's International and the such.


So with everyone here in the Network, a pleasure to make all of your aquaintances.


If you would please feel free to add me, to be friends, bounce ideas off of one another.


and in closing I would be deeply appreciative and honored if you felt you had the time to take a peek at my site over at PaidSnoozing.Com, and would make any comments or suggestions that would help improve my flow and growth, and would love to do the same for you.




Stephen Allen Sykes Jr.

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