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Primary Company:  La Bella Baskets
Other Company:  La Bella Baskets
Industry:  Business Opportunities
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hi - nice to meet you!
I’m Pam Shaw from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My hometown is the City of Brotherly Love Sisterly Affection.
I'm many things to different people: caregiver for my mom, doting aunt to twenty-five nieces and nephews, entrepreneur. 
With the love and encouragement of y parents, I did things the traditional way. I went to college, got an advanced degree in social work and worked for the government for 25 years. My plan was to retire from government with a secure pension.
Due to government downsizing, my job as a Program Manager was eliminated in 2001. I promised that I would never allow myself to be in a position where someone else controlled my destiny.
My future is what I make of it!
At the suggestion of a friend, I got involved in MLM. But, bugging friends, family and strangers has never excited me. I have bought expensive leads and ended up talking to people who had no real interest in our industry. I ended up with tiny checks and a struggling downline. Finally, I came across
The 7Figure Networker  and life has never been the same.
I have kissed MLM goodbye. My 100 names list is in the trash and I get paid real money.
It is an honor to be part of this community of like minded people who have chosen to live by design. Like you, I am determined to rise above mediocrity and be a leader.
I’m hear to network, meet and inspire my colleagues in the direct selling industry.
Pam Shaw

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Scott added a classified ad: Good Health in 1 minute per day! 3 years ago
Scott added a classified ad: Good Health in 1 minute per day! 3 years ago
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My Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

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Hello, Ms. Pamela! As you've probably already noticed, this site is full of great people and resources! Feel free to contact me if I can assist with anything! Lahai
Hi Pam I just wanted to say Hi to another CCPro / WMI Member. Please stay in touch. Steve
Welcome Pamela! This forum is designed to help you achieve the success you're working hard for, and the life you and your family deserve! I'm here to be of assistance,and to help in any way I can. Please feel free to contact me any time! I look forward to a long, rewarding, and educational friendship with you! The Best Of Success To You! Sincerely, Virgil T. Smith [email protected] CASH GIFTING WORKS! Watch THIS!
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Hi Pamela, Welcome to “Better Networker” the best networking site that I know of. I believe we are all here to network, socialize, grow are businesses and learn. This is absolutely the best site that I have found for that purpose. I hope you will respect it as have and do all you can to improve it. I invite you to enter into an exchange of ideas and thoughts with me without the introduction of companies, product or opportunities. Whether you are extremely successful, not realizing the promises’ made, or just starting into network marketing an exchange of ideas and principals would surely be rewarding to all involved. I have a priceless gift that I want to share. It is a prelude to success. Please download and enjoy my free E-Book. A Pearl of Wisdom; The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched but are felt in the heart. Your Partner in success Elwood “Mentoring For Free” [email protected]
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Hi Pamela, Welcome to Better Networker! I am looking to network with like-minded people here. If you have any questions regarding how to use Attraction Marketing, I'd be glad to help. Kind regards, David Allinson, [email protected]