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Scuba diving, travel, Spanish, cultures, reading, music, leadership, personal growth

Scuba diving, spelunking, rappelling, photography, cooking, traveling, canoeing, hiking, mountain climbing, caretaker, writer, author, horses, llamas, organic gardening, networking, coaching and mentoring

Favorite Authors:
Napolean Hill Brian Tracy Jim Rohn JR Tolkien Dale Carnagie Wallace Wattles

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Are you Happy?

Paul Murphy

Affiliate Marketer
Company:  Karatbars International
Industry:  Affiliate Marketing
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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 Hello Friends! Thanks for coming to check out my profile, have a look at my photo's, and if you have time read some of the articles and blogs I've posted here!
My story is interesting enough, but continue to add to it daily, I'm sort of a Jack of all trades by profession, and that includes being a cook, waiter, bar tender, carpenter, fisherman, surveyor, oil field worker, law enforcement, farmer, factory worker, bus driver, airlines, construction, navigation tech, school teacher, janitorial worker, world traveler, author/writer, networker, and much more that I'd have to do research on to remember.

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My Location:  Kansas City, Missouri
United States

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Welcome one and all!

Hi Paul, Thanks for the friend acceptance, Its an Interesting BIO. What brought you here to BN & How did you hear of it?
Comment by PaulMurphy
Hello Dave, thanks for your connection! I found BN in my quest to learn internet marketing skills through Mike Dillard.
Tammi P wrote
Hi Paul, Personal Development is one the most popular areas of human endeavor in the world for the simple reason that people want and deserve better results. Network Marketing creates more millionaires than any other industry in the world. What happens when you bring together Personal Development and Network Marketing?...Magic!...Much joy, peace and prosperity your way in 2011, Bill and Tammi Putnam
Hi, Paul thanks for connecting on BN great community where all network marketers can post there content for every one to see. Where we all can share all of are success and failures. Thanks and take care.
Comment by PaulMurphy
Thanks Josh! I am all about sharing success, and learning from the failures too, of course!
I see you are a leader in this community and you completely ROCK!!! Being that I am new here I would love any advice you have on how to really make a difference for people in the community... I look forward to connecting! Mia Davies
Comment by PaulMurphy
Hello Mia, I'd love to connect at your convenience, and thanks for the great compliment!
Hi Paul, Good to connect with you! My goodness you are a Jack of all Trades. I'll bet you come in really handy... I look forward to getting to know more about the wisdom that lies beneath. Julia
Comment by PaulMurphy
I would love to share any wisdom I have with you Julia and learn from you as well!
Hi Paul - You do some fantastic work! - TQ for your expertise ;-)
Comment by PaulMurphy
Appreciate your acknowledgement Patrick! People will walk on fire for acknowledgment!
Hi Paul or should I say "Jack of All Trades"- you certainly have an interesting back ground of work experience. Great to connect with you, appreciate it & look forward to more contact as we move through 2010.All the best from Down Under.
Comment by PaulMurphy
Jack Murphy, that kind of has a ring to it! Thanks for taking a moment to check in Patrick!
David Lok wrote
Hi Paul, Thanks for the friend request. Looking forward to chat with you. Dave
Comment by PaulMurphy
Likewise Dave! Appreciate your warm welcome!
Tedi May wrote
Hi, Paul~ I really appreciate your friend request. I am looking forward to learning from you. Please follow me on twitter as well.
Comment by PaulMurphy
Hello Tedi, Here's a great opportunity for brilliant minds to meet! Welcome!
Hi, Paul. Thanks for the friend invite. I'm new to this great forum. Can't wait to get taped in. I'm working on my new blog with instruction by mike dillard. Check it out a
Comment by PaulMurphy
Hello Larry! If you need help with anything, just whistle!
Thanks for the invite ... My free gift to YOU ..
Hi Paul: Thanks for acknowledging me here.
Comment by PaulMurphy
Anytime friend! Everyone needs more acknowledgement ...
Thanks for you friendship Paul. I'm a newbie to BN and look forward to networking with you. Melissa Selby
Comment by PaulMurphy
I'm excited to do so Melissa! I'll help you around the site if you need, just whistle!
Thanks for the message Paul, yes it is great having nowhere to do and all day to get there. Now when I get my Internet income running on the same principal it will be even better.
Comment by PaulMurphy
Your right friend, I'm living in no where, where the hell is Tecumseh? Come visit and we'll wet a line! iam pastor.a.immanuel benjamine from India we our ministry called babiyathamission still we do8 years the ministry I got twokids and good wife ,we worship in a tent last 5 years, god provide a land for us we need a small worhip center there also we have 15 orphans children with us we need sponsers for that we have ministry with tribels we have ministry in north India we got 100 street children we educate them we need support and prayers in god’s service pastor.a.immanuel benjamine from India [email protected]
Comment by PaulMurphy
Thanks Mr. Benjamine, God bless you in your work!
Hey Paul! Thanks for the friend request. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better :) - Julie
Comment by PaulMurphy
Thanks Julie, I'm also excited to build another friendship!
Love the bliss comment on one of the threads, Paul!
Comment by PaulMurphy
Have to think which one, hmmm, been posting so much lately. Appreciate you too Bernie!
Paul, Thank you for your friendship! I look forward to getting to know you better! You are a photographer; a hobby of mine too. Are you on flickr? I look forward to visiting your videos and content! Have a great Friday! Doris
Comment by PaulMurphy
Thanks Doris! I appreciate your acknowledgement here, have a great weekend!
Hi Paul Thank you for your friendship. Looking forward to reading your material and getting to know one another better. Make it a great day! Tracey J
Comment by PaulMurphy
Your welcome Tracey, I appreciate the friendship for sure!
May Vale wrote
read your success in ten step ebook. thanx for the welcome.