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Travel,Horse Racing,Learning to eat Healthy

Walking, Geocaching

Favorite Authors:
Isaac Asimov,Frederik Pohl,Richard Dawkins

Favorite Quotes:
Science fiction writers foresee the inevitable, and although problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not. - Isaac Asimov

Peter Fuller

Critical Thinker
Primary Company:  AdzZoo
Company 2:  Magnetic Sponsoring
Company 3:  GVO Hosting
Other Company:  Private Radio Group
Industry:  News and Media
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Peter Fuller MBA CA is a professional accountant living in beautiful Toronto, Canada.

During the day, sometimes at night, and the odd weekend, Peter is the Controller of a Private Radio Group with stations across Canada.

Peter has a passion for learning, personal development, travel, horse racing, eating more healthy and exercising more often.



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My Location:  Mississauga, Ontario

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Hey Peter! Thanks for adding me as a friend here on BN! Whatever business you are trying to build, I can show you how to build it BIGGER... How to do it 4x Faster than the Average Marketer and not waste time sifting and sorting through the JUNK on the Internet... How to Make it Extremely Lucrative to give your family everything they every dreamed of... And Set it Up to Run on Auto-pilot so you can eventually work only a couple hours a day! Feel free to send me a personal message here on BN if you'd like some assistance in marketing... I'm here to help others succeed :) To your massive success, Claire Galea P.S. Feel free to check out some awesome training I put up on my blog at http://www.workwithclairegalea.com/?t=BNgb
Hi Peter, ...thanks for the invitation to be friends here. I'm honored. Thank you! I saw where you like horse racing also. I get a VIP pass from one of my customers to go and watch her horses run here at Arapahoe Park every summer. It's great fun!...Have an awesome day!
Comment by pfuller
Hello Ilka, great to connect,and yes I love horse racing, especially the UK Chases
Hi Peter, Good to connect and hellooooo to Toronto! It's already stinkin' hot there isnt' it? I'm pretty sure I don't miss that part of living in Ontario. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Julia
Comment by pfuller
Hello Julia, it is not so much that it is hot as how we experience big swings in temperatures
Hey Peter, Thanks for connecting with me. I hope we can share ideas and knowledge that can be of benefit to each other. Regards Mujibur
Comment by pfuller
Thanks Mujibur, I have no doubt we can.
Hi Peter, thanks for the connection! How's your weekend? Looking forward to catching up with you in the forum. :)
Comment by pfuller
Hello Carrie, it is a long weekend here in Canada so it will be a good one :)
Hey Peter, It's great to connect with you on BN. I love this place. How about you? Talk to you soon - Jerome
Comment by pfuller
Hey Jerome, BN is great for learning, which is why I always read your articles :)
Hi Peter Thank you for your request Flattered to be asked! regards Wendy
Comment by pfuller
Hey Wendy, flattered? now I am blushing :)
Hi, I am really impressed with your profile and what you are doing. I am not sure if I am doing this properly, but I have had some great success with my current program and I have been able to generate a consistent income in the past 2 months. If you take a look on my profile you will see the program that has literally set me and my familiy Free. I hope that we might be able to Network our Opportunities Together in the Future here. I Really Beleive that We are Meant to Work Together. Diane Titlowe
Comment by pfuller
Hello Diane, you are absolutely right, you are not doing this properly :) Cash gifting is not a viable business.
Hi, Peter: thanks for stopping by and answering my forum post. It was great to get your pearls of wisdom:). Hope to see you around! Best, Ana
Comment by pfuller
Hey Ana, no problem, pearls of wisdom I am not so sure :)
Hi Peter Thanks for reaching out and connecting. I always enjoy getting to know more people here. Talk to you soon. Steve
Comment by pfuller
Hello Steven, I have seen you in the forums and did not realize we were friends, now we are.
Thank you so much for the friend request. I have seen you around BNW and i am sure that we will be talking soon!
Comment by pfuller
Hey Anthony, I look forward to chatting as well.
Hello Peter, Welcome to BN. I see you are very active already here. That's awesome! Looks like you are fitting right in! All the best to you! Lynn Jones
Comment by pfuller
Hello Lynn. I just started being active even though I joined two years ago. Sometimes I am a bit slow :)
Hey Peter - Mike is looking more like you every day (maybe he wants to be you?) ;)
Comment by pfuller
I would not wish that for anyone :)