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Parag Paleja

Company:  Opulen, LLC
Industry:  Other
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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I am controlling my life, calling my own shots, living life to its fullest. Business coach, mentor, teaching people to do what I do.

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My Location:  Houston, Texas
United States

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Hey Parag, How have you been? I look forward to chatting with you here on BetterNetworker!! There is free marketing info on my website listed on my profile that you may find useful. Please feel free to pick my brain anytime for marketing ideas as well. Your BN friend, Cliff Covill. Here is a pretty cool personalized & animated video I thought you might find entertaining. Miss out on the “.COM Race?” Then get ready for the ride of your life… Completely FREE to try!!
Hello Parag: Thanks for accepting my friends request on Better Networker. I am sure you will have a good time making a lot of new friends here on Better Networker. Feel free to check out my profile. What are your two biggest struggles in building your business? Looking forward to getting to know you better. Sincerely Lawrence Bergfeld
Hey Parag, Welcome to BN. I appreciate you accepting my friend request. You have come to the right place if you are eager to learn and make some great connections. It was here I finally found a great Mastermind team to connect and work with. I trust you will fit right in and feel at home. Looking forward to hearing more about you. Your friend, Lynn
Hello Parag, Paul Murphy here from NW Arkansas, thanks for adding me as your friend here on BNW! I've been busy the last 6 months, making contacts and friends here, building relationships, and expanding my web of influence all over the world! Please feel free to get to know me alittle better, take a look at my profile, and photo gallery, if any of my content catches your eyes, I invite you to leave me your honest feedback. There are links to free education on what works, and what doesn't work in building a successful home based business. A tip for you here, go into your account settings and activate your private message options, so you can communicate with the brilliant minds here on BNW Parag! To your Success and Prosperity, Paul
Hi Parag! Thanks for accepting my friend connect, and welcome to BN! I know you will find all the support and mentorship here you want and deserve. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. You may also want to adjust your settings so that your connections can message you directly. Here's to your every happiness and success, Vicki