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My name is Ontarian “The Vegetarian” Hawkins. I changed my name, last year it was the Ex-Chicken Wing Man.. Basically, I just turned a Vegetarian about a year ago and I’m PUMPED baby. I feel great and loving Life thanks to the Wisdom of Jesus Christ.

I got started in the “GAME” of prospering others before I prosper, back in 2004 when I realized and decided that No Man or Corporation is going to keep me chained to a desk or time-clock for 40+ years taking away my God-Given Time Talent, and Treasure taking away time from My Family.

Fast forward, back on January 21st, 2009, I literally buried the words.. “I Can’t”.. Look it up on Google. I decided to look FAILURE in the face and say, You won’t WIN my friend. My goal is to be a walking REWARD for 10,000+ people in Life and in business. I will achieve this and I will NOT be stopped.

I will help thousands of people see their DREAMS and not they can achieve them. That’s why I created my own Book Club called “Can – Do Artist”.. The slogan of the club is STOP.STARE.SHARE. More explanation later…

We would love you to join us for our online or off line meetings as we are studying books that will help to SHIFT your mindset to thinking like someone who will PROSPER.

Did you know you have a VOICE inside of you that needs to come out? And check this out, (this is DEEP).. Did you know your Voice can only be heard by others when you DECIDE to let it out?

In others words, there are literally thousands of people waiting on you to take Center Stage and Demonstrate What GOD made you to be. An expression of Life, Beauty, and Peace.

I Invite you to Join Me in this Quest. Come and hang out with other High Thinkers in my Village called the Million Mind March where you will learn how to get this Voice and Get it Out to the Masses. I’m a Philosopher by Day and a Marketer at Night.
You put both together and you have:

Philosophy + Marketing + Faith + Persistence + Belief + Bury the Words “I Can’t” = BIG HOUSE

Would love to have you come down and study with the Greats of Mindset and Marketing in this industry. I’ve come a long way, and I know YOU have too.

Call This Recorded Msg =>> 1-800-772-9781 Ext. 10, 40, 41

God Bless You and I look forward to meeting you
and your Prosperity,

Ontarian “The Vegetarian” Hawkins
918-361-5939 -anytime wink:)

Ontarian commented on: Thanks Bro.. 7 years ago
Ontarian commented on: Thanks Bro.. 7 years ago
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Hey Ontarian thanks for connecting with us! Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer. Would love to know more about you. P.S. We kinda like the "Ex-Chicken Wing Man" name don't drop it!
Comment by relyonhim7
Hey Brandon, thanks for the kind words bro.. I look forward to connecting with you as well.. God Bless ;)
Hey Ontarian, welcome to my network. Thanks for the friend request. Have a good day.
Hi Ontarian, thank you for the friends request, I'm looking forward in connecting with and learing from you
Thanks for the information. I will be following your articles for more inspiration as we all learn together.
arsee yan wrote
oke bos thanks to you no have money to weekend alredy stay home whacth tv and plays with my litle hope (MY SON) i thinks do nothing can do
Hi Ontarian, So nice to be connected. Thanks for extending your friendship here. I'm looking forward to networking and sharing with you. Best regards, Catherine www.fb.me/worldwidenetworker twitter.com/worldwidenetwkr www.catherine-alexandra.com
Hi Ontarian, you're a facebook friend of mine! I like your videos. I've read some of that Disciples of Doership, very good material. Have a blessed and prosperous day.
Ontarian, thanks for reaching out, you are a top-quality creation. I thank God for you. Hope to stay in touch. Peace and God Bless, Laini
Comment by relyonhim7
Queen Nicols.. I am HONORED:) Thank you for the INCREASE and I thank the LORD for people like you:) Will be in touch:)Blessings
Hello Ontarian, Thanks for the associate request and much success in your endeavours. Willie
Comment by relyonhim7
Sure thing Willie, I look forward to connecting bro.. God Bless
Hello Ontarian! Great to connect with you. I look forward to networking with you once I get up and running on this site. Have a totally blessed and highly favored week. :)
Very nice to meet you, Ontarian. Let me know how I can be of service to you. Have a fantastic week! ~Ilka
Hey Brother Shalom! Shalom and shalom! Peace and blessings. Make sure we stay connected. Good things coming our way!
Hi Ontarian, Appreciate your comment via my FB page. Thanks for connecting with me. See your Bob Marley shirt...makes me think "lively up yourself and don't be a drag":-) Look forward to getting to know you as I'm here to network with the 2-3%'s. God Bless. Rose Dallas
Hi David, Thank you so much for the invite... Look forward to sharing and learning. Have a Great and Blessed Jesus Day, Danny & Laura
Comment by relyonhim7
Hey Danny, actually my name is Ontarian.. that's ok.. I look forward to knowing more about you too bro, God Bless
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Ge'ni Roy wrote
Hey Ontarian, I love your Ontarianism's. I look forward to reading more of you articles. Stay Blessed. Ge'ni Roy Love Your Smile:) www.RoyDental.com
Comment by relyonhim7
Hey Ge'ni, thank you thank you thank you, I love your name; You're have to pronounce it for me when you can; What does it mean?
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Hi Ontarian, I am always looking to network with like-minded people here. If you have any questions regarding how to use Attraction Marketing, I'd be glad to help. Kind regards, David Allinson, www.AttractionMarketingLeader.com performancedea@gmail.com
Comment by relyonhim7
Hey David, you are a King Brother..Attraction Marketing is Beautiful; Look forward to connecting with you