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I'm delighted that you're taking a moment to learn more about me. Who is Richard L. Turner Jr. anyway? Well just like you I'm a person with a vision and a plan to attain my goals.

I Was A Happy Baby

Consider me a regular "Mr. Smiley Face" who always has a word or two of encouragement to pass along to anyone. My mother tells a story that when I was 2 years old, I was supposed to be asleep one night while her and my father had some friends and family over. She said I refused to lie down and I refused to go to sleep that night. Instead, during the wee hours of the morning when I should've been sound asleep, there I was standing up and dancing in my baby crib laughing and interacting with the guests just having the time of my life... I closed the party out and she says she knew then that I loved people!

The Big 90 Day Push

I'm originally from Chicago but I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Oakland to be more specific. Like many people I have made some choices that have caused me to stumble at times. However as the saying goes, "falling in the water doesn't drown a man, staying there does."

That being said, I have a 90 day game plan to exit right my current job as an Inside Sales Manager. Really, after 7 years of working independently full-time as a Loan Advisor in the mortgage finance arena, with no income restrictions, no ridgid time card restrictions, no boss, no office politics, no whiners, no set amount of sick days and vacation time to take and no set time to take lunch, I'm ready to be full-time in my home based business. OMG I can't wait!!

Redesigning My Life

I know what it's like to make $17,000 in a month but I also know what it's like to not make a dime for a couple of month's. I'm a fun guy and I've always enjoyed people and helping them if given an opportunity to do so. For me it's no surprise but a blessing that this industry "found" me because I certainly didn't seek it conciously.

Ever since I could remember, I've always wanted to live life on my own terms and really, there aren't too many vehicles like Network Marketing that will allow one to do that in my opinion. You can have time, money and help people too... what a concept!

Interestingly enough, I had been sabotaging my success for over 15 years until just recently - I was a "die-hard" horse player and I suffered tremendous pain: mentally, emotionally, financially and even socially because of my self denial up until April of this year. This was the very first year that I didn't play the Triple Crown races (Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont). Whoo Hoo!

I've always been into reading self-help or personal development books but I hadn't really begun to apply much of what I read. I just considered what I was doing to be my "cheap therapy"  so that I wouldn't have to spend money to lie on someone's couch  and say,  "well when I was 13..." :)

What's Important To Me

I recognize that we're all here for a purpose. I believe my purpose is to cause a stir in my local community and then spread it globally, discuss free enterprise, hold empowerment workshops, teach business skills to the youth, educate people on credit, finance and self-development, dispel networking myths, sponsor future leaders, conduct weekly trainings on business building, marketing and utilizing technology, promote Toastmasters, JV with other entrepreneurs and have fun doing it!

Lastly, I want to build an organization of entrepreneurs that understand the magnitude of what we have in our hands. Many people are living beneath their magnificence by "settling" because they have always done things a certain way. Let's promote viable options in life and use the pain that we've endured as a platform to connect and help others. That's what attracts so many people to our business, our stories of positive change.

That's who Richard L. Turner  Jr. is. A man who has had to face some challenges like anybody else. A guy who truly wants the best for people and who doesn't mind lending an ear or a hand. Let's win together. I look forward to growing from and contributing to this community!

Continued Success,

Richard L. Turner Jr.


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Thanks so much Richard for all your valuable inputs in the discussions I start. God bless you always and may you have a meaningful Christmas. Jose
Thanks so much Richard for your encouraging works in my guestbooks. Thanks too for your great insights which you shared in my recent post in the forum. Your entrepreneurial journey has spanned many years already and am sure can learn much from you. Let's keep in touch. God bless you always. Jose
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Hi Richard, Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Welcome to the Bet Net community. You are going to find many like minded people here. You evidently come from a world of plenty and I will bet your glass is always half full. Follow the rules, don't get on the bad side of "Carl The Cop". To learn the "ground rules" and stay on the good side of "Carl The Cop" visit the URL listed below: Wishing you all the best the world has to offer. If I can help you in any way please don't hesitate to contact me. Click my picture for contact information. “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”…Thomas Jefferson… From The Heart Elwood Mentoring For Free
Comment by Richrd L. Turner Jr.
Hey Elwood thank you for your positivity and contribution here at BN!
Hey Richard, Thanks for the comment, and I'm still working on the messages for the site. I need whatever help that anyone can offer. Topics, ideas, copywriting suggestions, and anything that would add value. The site is going to be for those people who NEED to be inspired, AND for the newbies who are a few steps behind us that need that PUSH to stay positive and BELIEVE that they CAN make it BIG online. The best way to become a leader is by teaching what you learn, as you learn. Mike
Comment by Richrd L. Turner Jr.
Michael you must be a yellow because I believe I see your big heart all over your sleeve... you're about "people first!"
Thanks for the welcome, and I look forward to connecting with you! By the way, where's your photo? One of the best ways to practice personal branding is with a full profile! -Ina
Comment by Richrd L. Turner Jr.
Thank you Ina. The photo will be added soon :)
Hi Richard, I'm not able to send you a message. I tried replying to your message. Here is my personal email at [email protected] Thanks, Ricardo
Comment by Richrd L. Turner Jr.
Thanks Ricardo!!