Life full of what I want to do at the time I like to do it. Good food, Places and People. And You My Friend..?

I have The Dream Girl of my Life She's my Wife, MovieStar, My SunShine in The Rain.. She likes to fish shop go places and we just do what ever comes to mind at the time. Don't get me out on a branch.. I also love to hunt to be in the the wild.. to ride my Harley.. started ridN when I was around 13. Whats Your Hot button..?

Favorite Authors:
wISH I Know'd how 2 Read :o)

Favorite Quotes:
Wanta B Rich.. Watch what poor people R doing.. and don't do THAT!

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Rick Hurley

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Hi.. I trust all is well with You and Yours.

I'm Rick & Yes I'm hell at DiggN & WackN wood .. Thats how I got my name hurleypower ;o/

My Model is Hard Work don't Wish 4easy Wish 2get Better.

Whats Yous?

Up-side 4me is Goodhealth.. My mind is faster then my hand, I need an army.

My Real+ is my Sunshine TrueLove AngelBabe :O)

True Story I need 2B more like the Great I AM.

Hot Button 4me ;O/

How about.. Mystery the Magic N the Background.

MikE.. Takes Over The World on the Net.. With His Magic Unknown Forces.

WonaB Net-Workers R dieN 2find out How..

And U ??.. Do u like Gold .. The Root of All evil? OOps did I say that :O)

Truly if U could have it all.. "Money/Sex/Power" would U take it?

Why and What would your Limits B?

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My Location:  United States

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