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My wife Sue & I love to travel and one of our goals is to see the 7 wonders of the world (I think there is more). I love getting out on my mountain bike, cooking, bar-b-q's and strumming the guitar over a few cold ones!

Most of my activities is going to sporting events, and connecting with my three kids when we can. But also to keep on learning all about this stuff - love it

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Robbie Stephenson

Successful Adventurer and Thrill Seeker
Company:  Kyani
Industry:  Business Opportunities
Experience:  Brand New Business (0-1 years)

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My name is Robert Stephenson, but I preferred to be called Robbie.

Since I was in my mid 20s and for most of my life I have dedicated myself almost entirely to making money.

I started in the engineering industry and completed apprenticeship as a Fitter & Turner. A lot of my time was spent in the mining sector where I travelled and worked in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

I graduated to the agricultural sector as an Agricultural Engineer. Here I ran a dairy farm milking 150 holstein friesian cows.

Next, I got into direct marketing. I owned and ran businesses in dairy farming, bread vendor, newspaper agency, selling insurance, I just about every field you can imagine.

One thing I’m proud of, with a few exceptions, I never relied on contracts to keep me safe. I always based my deals on the trust I had in my partners and the knowledge I had in business and investing.

Many of these businesses were profitable. Some of them skyrocketed. One of the businesses I took an interest in, for example, is worth around a million dollars plus today.

But it wasn’t all roses. Some of the businesses I got involved in were big flops.

I discovered that when success is your only driver, you can make bad decisions. I made mine and I’ve learned from them. They made me a wiser and more confident businessperson today.

I remember the day it struck me. My wife and I were walking over a bridge in New Zealand. She was enjoying the scenery. I was thinking about the statistic that that I had to say during my presentation to my clients

Standing on that bridge, looking at the Waikato River, I felt ashamed and embarrassed to find out that my wife and I were looking down both barrels of a shot-gun of being in the category of “broke and still working” by the time we reached our retirement.

I turned to my wife and I apologized for not taking more control of our financial planning. I promised to her that I would devote more of my life to making money.

And I kept that promise.

I thank my lucky stars every day she put up with me for all that time. And I’m immensely grateful for our two boys and our daughter. They are now all married and trying to make their own ways in the world.

I’ve made my health a top priority. I work out twice every day and compete at an expert level in mountain bike racing and road racing in my age category

But the biggest change I’ve made is how I think about money. It is no longer a top priority for me. In fact, it isn’t a consideration at all.

Teaching is in my blood. Teaching other people what I’ve learned about business and wealth building is now my top professional goal.

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My Location:  Alyangula, Northern Territory

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