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After 11-1/2 Year Career With Herbalife International
I Walked Away From a Six-Figure Income To Start Over

Hi I’m Robert Ford.

Perhaps you are like me…

I was attracted to network marketing because it promised residual income.

I began my network marketing career with Amway in the early 90’s. I failed miserably.

Then in 1995 I got started with Herbalife International. In three years I was among the top incomer earners at that company. I build my Herbalife business using “Old School” marketing methods, combined with a serious commitment, and hard work.

So don’t let anyone kid you, the “Old School” methods work. But today they are simply not the most effective way to build a network marketing business.

But I digress…

Back in August of 2006 I heard someone share some information that caused me to re-evaluate building residual income with Herbalife. It became perfectly clear that while I was making a good income it certainly was not a residual income. It was not based on customers actually using the products.

So I started over. I now have one of the top networking businesses with my new company and I have earned over $350,000.00 in just the last two years.

When I hear or read about people saying that the products and the compensation plan don’t matter, it’s all about the marketing… I just shake my head.

Don’t get me wrong; I believe marketing is the key to having high quality people to talk to. But if you don’t have the right products and compensation plan you will never build reliable residual income.

You may make an outrageous income but that doesn’t make it residual – which I believe is what most network marketer’s want.

Having now been with two major networking companies and in the top 1% of income earners both times, I know I have a unique perspective as to how it relates to building residual income.

I am grateful for the success I have experienced using the “Old School” marketing methods. But the future does not lie in the past.

“New School” marketing has at last found its way into the network marketing arena and I am excited about how this can change the image of the network marketing industry.

Now I am both and advocate and a student of these new Internet Network Marketing methods.

So if you are looking to network with someone serious about building his network marketing business with “Attraction Marketing” principles feel free to pick up the phone and give me a call.

I would love to mastermind with you if you are committed to mastering Internet Network Marketing.

Here’s to your success,
Robert Ford

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Hi Robert, Thank you for allowing us to become friends here on Better Networker. Great article on 6 figure income. Thank you for sharing. Look forward to getting to know you better. Have a Blessed Day, Danny & Laura
Hi Robert Great to connect on BN. I came across some of your interesting information and sounds as if you are someone of true integrity in the industry. I wish you the best as you continue to pursue your life purposes. It is often a breath of fresh air when you can reinvent yourself or diversify. Cheers~~Tina Gonda
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Ron
okay, okay, I kinda mentioned you in a new blog post about, "Who's on the front page of google for PPC Domination" :-). Hope you don't mind the publicity. Oh and minus the 3-4 times I've looked at that other article you're only at 510 approximately :-p. Malika
Hi Robert, Thanks for the Friend Request. I look forward to seeing your articles and comments on the Network. Let me know if I can answer any questions or help you with anything. Your Friend, Dianne
As a successful network marketer using the Old School techniques, you are to be commended for your vision in embracing the new methods as well. You are growing with the industry, and that's impressive. Bodes well for your downline! In other words, attaboy!!!!!
Robert, Nice pics. It's awesome to see such a successful network marketer like you embrace learning the new attraction marketing model. It not only shows your flexibility, but it is a fantastic display of your leadership. Meeting and working with people like you make me want to join whatever it is you have your hand in. There will be nothing that stops you. Your Partner in Success, Eric Walker
Hey Robert, Welcome to better networker! Awesome to see you here (finally) ;-). You keep asking they types of questions you usually do and that key in your hand will unlock the doors to the kingdom! I replied to your comment on my article... check it out. Malika
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Hi Malika, I did Thanks Hope you have a great weekend.