This is a heads up! I have been working with a group of doctors who have discovered an amazing product which they have been testing for several years using FDA Protocols and Independent Lab Double Blind Studies. Currently I talking to a select group of marketers setting up the processes and systems to build a Huge Organization behind this product. I am not recruiting blindly, slinging mud on the wall and watching for any that sticks. If you are serious and want to be hugely successful in mlm then call me (281-806-0395) and I will tell you how and why! And have a lot of fun doing it! My favorite movies include Rounders, Jeremiah Johnson, Jerry McGuire, Independence day, and others of that genre. I just admire that "overcoming" spirit, I guess. Something I have had to do myself. As far as music: 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's. I really like "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles, and believe it or not I like Pink, especially "Get this Party Started", I like "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" and many more. Love to dance the sensuous dances!

Working online and belly to belly applying the SECRET to Building a Huge Organization in my spare time! (heh, heh) I love fishing and flying Radio controlled aircraft, both powered and sail planes. I also like to facet gemstones. and Of Course I still read constantly. I love helping people build huge organizations and teach them about the really simple secret to building a huge network and getting a huge check from it! I love to play basketball, and softball, even at age 62 I still excel at those sports. I play chess, checkers and absolutely love the game of Scrabble. Truthfully, have never played Poker in any form but am changing that on a daily basis and have played several games of late!'s fun!

Favorite Authors:
Way to many to list, but in an effort I will: First and foremost is one by one of my personal mentors for the past 2 decades and an incredible man, "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson. ( I read and reread this book on a constant basis); followed by David Swartz, "The Majic of Thinking Big"; Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich (the Action Pak); John Maxwell, "RoadMap to Success" (You HAVE to read this book!) "Developing the Leader Within"; "Quantum Leap Thinking"; "The Power of Focus"; Dale Carnegie, "How to Win Friends and Influence People"; and many many more in the personal development field, especially anything by Paul J. Meyer (another one of my personal mentors-an incredible man!)(It is sad we lost him and Jim Rohn within 60 days of each other, both of whom I have personally known for decades) In the past 4 years I have added to my completed reading list by over 1000 books, most in the personal development field which I have been a student of for nearly 40 years, but many in the "escapest" genre so James Patterson, Stuart, Johnson, etc. etc. etc. (Time wasters for the most part! But far better than wasting my time with television!)

Favorite Quotes:
Just a few of My favorite quotes include: "Just do it!" Art Williams. "I would rather have 1% of 100 peoples efforts than 100% of my own," J.Paul Getty. "Do the thing and you will get the power," Emerson "Attitude is everything." Paul Meyer "Maintain that slight edge" Jeff Olson ( and many others by Jeff) "Help others get what they want, and you can't help but get what you want." Zig Zigler

Ron Forrester

FIND OUT THE SECRET TO BUILDING A REALLY HUGE NETWORK and THE GIGANTIC CHECKS THAT COME WITH IT! I can teach you in a matter of moments. The funny thing is most "internet gurus" have no clue!
Company:  Nerium International - Jeff Olson's New Anti-aging company
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hi! My name is Ron Forrester, and I have been in the home based business industry for 29 years, 25 of them full time. I actually got started in this industry wanting $500 more per month to purchase an automobile instead of a car,.... I wanted a Jaguar.  I am a registered Pharmacist and even though my income from Pharmacy was substantial I really could not justify taking the car payment from the family cash flow.  Why not? Because the Jaguar was going to be my toy, nobody else would drive it and there certainly would not be any food eaten in it! (I had two small daughters at that time)

So, I reasoned I could earn the extra $500 in a spare time business and not feel I was taking money away from the household and family needs.

Then because I LEARNED THE SECRET TO BUILDING A HUGE ORGANIZATION early on, then three years later my spare time business was earning three (3) times what my pharmacy income was, and I retired from corporate America at the tender age of 36!

Best decision I could have made, because my income has only increased over the years, but more so because I have met some incredible people (have 1000's of friends all over the world!); have traveled all over the world; done more with my family than most ever get to do; have the time freedom to experience more of life than most ever get to do; don't worry about where the next dollar is coming from because I earn more in a month than many earn in a year; and I have never driven a "car" since my corporate retirement date....only an automobile!

Go to  and cruise around....then call me (281-806-0395) or email me at for the Secret!

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Jeff Olson launched a brand new company that has the most awesome product I have ever seen for long term growth of a company! See the pictures of my partner (wife and business) here and you will see what I mean! It is amazing and it is working on my old face too!

The “after” shot was taken 15 days after the before Picture! Amazing! (you can adjust the size according to what you want so you can see the images very clearly!)

Then go to And join us for a WILD RIDE!

Call Coach Ron at 281-806-0395 to ask the hard questions!

hit me up at am Ann A lady from USA i have business proposal to discuss with you am not always online here
HI Ron, Wanted to stop by and introduce myself and see how we can connect. You can find out more about me at and I am always looking to do JV's with people. If you have a product or service you are looking to promote, let me know and see if we can work something out. wishing you all the success, Jeff Faldalen skype username: jefffaldalen
Hello Roy, thanks for the connection. /Soren
Hi Ron, thank you for connecting, looking forward to sharing ideas, Rhonda
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Hey, Rhona! Thank you! It's great to connect with you!
Greetings! Thanks for the add. I always remember that friends are like the stars above. I may not always see them, but I always know they are there. Greg and I wish you the best life has to offer.
Hi Ron, Richard here. Just wanted to touch base and thank you for being a friend. My quest is to find interested people such as yourself, for a long term beneficial project I plan to launch in the not too distant future. Have a great fun filled prosperous day! Rick
Hi Ron: Thanks for your connection and what a background of business, you have! Take care. Linda.
Hi Ron- thanks fot the friend request. I'm in New Zealand, different time zone to you, however we could meet up and chat sometime a long the way.All the best,Kath
I Ron, Thanks for the friend request, looking forward to network with you. Best Regards Mike
Eric Hall wrote
Ron, Thanks for connecting.
Hi Ron, Nice connecting with you on Better Networker .. a big ol' Texas Howdy to you ... I hope we can share ideas here in the near future. Remain blessed. Gerald
Hello Ron, thank you for the friend add. I also enjoyed reading your bio and look forward to reading more from you. Jenn
Hi Ron, Thank you for adding me as a friend. I look forward to networking with you in the very near future. Looks like you have a ton to offer. Be sure to attend my trainings at Wishing you all the success, Jeff Faldalen
Hey Ron! Thanks for adding me to your network. Have a great weekend. ~Lyndsey
Hello, Ron! There are lots of supportive people here who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. I hope you enjoy interacting with the BetterNetworkers! :-D
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Hey Ron just upgraded ABN yesterday and wanted to stop by and say hello.." Do the Do Daily and Dream Big" Tim Hill - NC, USA
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Hey, Tim thanks for the "hello" Where in NC are you? My home state.
Hey Ron, nice to connect with you. You certainly have loads of experience in this market so I will watch closely as we move forward. Am just building my profile at the moment (early days)& have quite a bit to do across all aspects of my business from A to Z.Thanks for the connect & look forward to speaking with you some time soon.
Comment by ronandleslie2003
Thanks, Patrick, for your connect..will be happy to talk with you.
Hey Ron, you are spot on about filling a want instead of a need like everyone else does in MLM. That's what drew me to my present company. Looking forward to comparing notes.
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Hey, Wyteria...yeah, experience taught me that early on and the realization has made me a lot of money . But not as much as now!
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Hey Ron! Thanks for the add my friend! Hook up with me on FB too! I will talk to you soon! Lew Jabro Direct: 206.339.7069 Personal: Business:
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Thanks, Lew, I appreciate the connect and the message!