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Studying people, Teaching others how to use FREE marketing methods using the internet, Help others to target their market, Spending time with the children, Help countless people to achieve All that they have been called to recieve!

Taking the kids around to the Tour De Parks, Volunteering at the Preschool class hanging with the 5 year olds,fishing with my family,continous life education, workout at the healthclub 3-5 times a week,mentoring beautiful people

Favorite Authors:
Michael Dlouhy, Napoleon Hill, Jeff Olson, Jim Rohn, Robert Allen, David Bach, Stephen Covey, John C. Maxwell, Norman Vincent Peale ,Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy

Favorite Quotes:
Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win! Just Do It! I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me!

Jenny Wudtke

Leaving Footprints You Can Follow....
Company:  Success Team Builders
Industry:  Coach
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Living every moment filled with Love and Joy!  I am a blessed mother of 2 amazing daughters who light up my life every moment of everyday.  I diligently seek the truth and know that the truth will set me free!  Having all of you here to learn and grow together helps me to attain that quicker.  Thank you for all that each of you bring to make this community all that it is!  I can serve you by personally inviting you to recieve what changed my life, and I will say it will never be the same again... I want to be Significant to many in this lifetime.... I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.  I strive to lift up the people around me and take care of whats been given to me.  I am commited to  teaching others how to market and advertise online, creating a constant flow of hot friendships for life!  I do this totally FREE, the way it should be!

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my family and friends. I really enjoy time outdoors, taking in what surrounds me.  We love to spend time at the cabin. Its great to just sit and reflect on all the blessing in my life!   Our whole family loves to fish, ride four wheeler, play volleyball..... You name it, the time spent together is the best part!    

I am so thankful to have been led to this AWESOME community.  I will cherish the relationships here and  look forward to building friendships  that will last a lifetime. 

If there is one nugget I can share that is the most valuable nugget of my life it would be to read a FREE ebook that totally changed my life!  Enjoy!


To Your Success,

Jenny Wudtke

(320) 260-8613

Call Anytime!

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My Location:  Litchfield, Minnesota
United States

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Hi Jenny, thanks for the connection! ~Bill
Just Want to stop by and say Thanks for connecting and look forward to networking with you in the future!-
Hi Jenny thanks for accepting my friendship WOW 1408 friends and counting, looks like you've been around awhile. See ya around the community, Kevin,
Thanks for the invite ... My free gift to YOU ..
Hi Jenny, Thanks for the connection, your About Me is amazing! I hope to stay in touch, and learn from you as much as possible.
Hey Jenny. Thanks for the connection
Klarita M wrote
Hey Jenny, thanks for the connection. Hope we can learn from each other! Can't wait to strength our connection :
Hi Jenny, Thanks for the friendship here on BN. Looking forward to getting to know you more. Lisa
Hi Jenny, My pleasure to be a friend of you. Hope we make this friendship for a good cause. Thanx.
Hi Jenny, thanks for having me as a friend and I look forward to reading your great content to become a Better Networker. Best Wishes, Sean
Hello, thanks for the connect. I'm new here and will have to get up to speed and hope to learn a thing or two. Leon
Hi, Thanks for inviting me for friendship.
Hi Jenny, Thanks for the warm welcome and your offer to help. I really appreciate it. I live with my husband on a small farm 30 km from the nearest town Halden, in Norway - a beautiful place in the middle of the wood. I will add some photos to my profile when I find time for it. In a week I will become "mother" to a little puppy, Hector. He is the main reason that I started my own business - I didn't want him to stay home alone. I will take time and look at your photos and read your articles. I am sure I have a lot to learn from you. My problem is what can I give in return - I do not have much experience yet. Thanks a lot for being my friend. Have a nice weekend with your lovely family. Mona
Hello, Thanks for allowing me to be one of your friends. Please take a look at my websites and increase your page rank, traffic as well. Have a Nice and a Wonderful day. Karoly
Great, thanks for your invite
Hi Jenny, Thanks for the Friend Request! I appreciate your invitation, wow! from somebody who has so much contribution on their profile already...Thanks again, David
Jenny, I just wanted to add "my two cents worth" and really point out to this community just what a marvelous and caring mentor you are. I am soooo glad that I answered one of your ads, and that you took the time to contact me and now are leading me through this MLM jungle!
Hi Jenny, Thank you for this friendship and all those helpful bizz info. Looking forward to hear more from you. All the best to you Jenny.. Regards; Norhayati [email protected]
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